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To Singapore 7/8/08

Went to Singapore last last Thursday with my mum. 1. Keep my mum company on the trip and 2. To get a little bit of R&R. I know class just started but there were some things that were pressurizing me and stressing me out. Like I said, my mood kind of sucks at the moment. Well, took a bus named "Aeroline" from Pyramid after studio class to Singapore. The bus left at 6 p.m. and arrived at 11 something. Aeroline is not bad. For RM80, you get dinner, a bottle of water and a cup of either hot coffee, tea or Milo. Need I add the 2 movies shown on board (movies are kinda old though) however, the ride was smooth. Managed to catch a short nap on the way. Reaching there at 11 something= no where to go so headed for Aunt Ita's Condominium and begin fresh the next day.

Woke up at 7 a.m. just to say our goodbyes to Uncle Lawrence and his family whom were heading back to the U.S.A. Paragon was the first destination of the day. Though I been to Singapore quite a number of times, this is the first time I actually remembered each place I been. HAHA. All thanks to blogging. Had breakfast at this small shop located in Paragon called "Ah Mei Kaya Toast". Its something like the place called "Benta Kaya" located at ss15 (Subang Jaya) which served half boiled eggs, kaya on toast and a cup of hot coffee. Ahh.. A good start of the day. The thing that surprised me was,

not that the place was halal but after taking pictures of the signboard, I noticed that they had a no photography sign on the wall. Hmmm... wonder why. Maybe too many bloggers. Who knows? Well, I was lucky to be there that weekend because it was Singapore's national day on Saturday and on Friday is the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Interesting right? Ya. SO SO la. Didn't have mood to take pictures that morning. Only a few things that caught my eye. Oh ya. There was also a sale. SO mum was busy trying on clothes and shoes and so on. Till lunch time, we met up with my mum's best friend Sofia for lunch. She brought us to "Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao" and we had to wait in line. There were many people having their lunch there.

Its good that they provided seats for those who were waiting in line. When we finally got a seat, we started to order some yummies. And of all the things, I ordered Yee Mee. HAHA. Hmmmmm.... Not bad la. The beef slices were tender and tasty.

The Xiao Long Bao and the seafood dumplings with noodle soup was nice

HAHA... Okay enough of the places to eat. Its all about the shopping in Singapore. I must admit, the interiors of these shopping centers are nice, not really the same as the ones found here in K.L. The spaces used are different, sort of more organized. Other places which were visited that day is the usual shopping centers we visit every time we come to Singapore on Orchard Road like Takashimaya and Wisma Atria.

Paragon's flow in space is kinda like the ones in One U

Mum is enjoying her shopping..

Outside on Orchard road


Photography has become a very very addictive hobby of mine. So not going to miss the opportunity to snap lots of photos in Singapore. Pictures taken at night are the most challenging part. Oii (David), learn how to take night pictures quick! So you can teach those at the photography club!

Manage to get this night shot. Something like a cafe. Love the lighting.

We rushed back to the condo to watch the Beijing Olympic's opening ceremony on the 8th of August (the 8th month of the year) 2008 at 8.08 p.m.. The march of the different countries was SOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long. Almost wanted to fall asleep. Had to force mum to stay awake to watch the lighting of the torch. Thats the most important part of the Olympic games. I loved the way they lit the torch at Beijing. So original. HAHA.

Another thing that caught my eye is the giant Ferris wheel. Located, I don't remember where. But it is not hard to spot.
"The giant wheel is called the "Singapore Flyer. It's bigger than London eye."-Darren

Vivo City was the first stop for the second day which was also the national/Independence day for the Singaporeans. And boy oh boy, there were so many people shopping on that day. One word: "SALE!" . The unique part of Singapore is how cooperative they are or how proud they are of their country. For National day, I saw many people (mostly Singaporeans) wearing their country's colors which is Red and white. How patriotic. Imagine Merdeka day in Malaysia and we all wear Yellow. Well, that will be the day. But wait. Malaysian colors are Blue, Yellow, red and white. Hmmm... Don't forget Sarawak's color of Yellow, black and red. HAHA.... Wow... Everyone will look so colorful on that day. Okay, enough of the lame jokes. Vivo city was how do you say.... Interesting. I love the ceiling the most. How it flows from the ground to the top floor.. Should have done that for the house I designed for Jamie Oliver for the Studio 1 assignment last semester.

Love it! Love it! Love it!

but the thing that really caught my eye was this sign in a clothing shop. If not mistaken it was something Island. Sorry, I am not interested in brands so I can't remember the names. Don't even bother.

It writes: "Give a girl the right shoes and she will conquer the world."
That explains why girls love to buy shoes. Their great ambitions is to rule the world. Watch out men. The shoes are evil. Never buy your girlfriend shoes. HAHA. This picture is dedicated to Wai Sie, Hau Yee and Daphne who loves shopping. Oh ya. And miss Shereen too, if she reads this.

Though small, Singapore is not a country to be looked down at. Their infrastructure, the 'kiasuness' of the people and government are a force to be reckon with. I went there amazed to see so many skyscrapers, and cars but the temperature in the city is not as bad as the one's in K.L. The trees and plants helps a lot I guess. Besides that, I can see Blue skies in Singapore. Even though Malaysia and Singapore received their independence at around the same time and Singapore being a smaller country, Singapore seems to be more developed than Malaysia. The Malaysian government needs to think about that. Aren't we trying to achieve our Vision 2020? At the rate we are going, Vision 2020 might be postponed till 2030. But who knows right? Malaysia Boleh!

The national parade was broadcast everywhere. From their public buses to big screens located in the shopping centers. I watched some parts of it on the SB Big Screen while I was in the city. So many people including tourists stopped and watched the parade on the screen. Camera phones and cameras were seen snapping photo of the screen and me taking pictures of those taking photo of the screen. HAHA.

Met up with Tom (mum's friend from the U.S.A.) and his family who was at Singapore. Befriended with his children Timmy and Brianna. It has been about ten years since I saw Tim and he changed a lot. But one thing that he hasn't changed much in was his sense of humor and how fun he can be.

The Family waiting for me and my mum

So many tourist in Singapore

It was so fun hanging out with them. Had dinner at Food Republic located at Wisma Atria. After that, we had to go to a nearby MRT station to check when is the last train to Changi Airport. At the station, we saw this height measuring board for kids and Tom started to tease us with it, especially my mum.

Like father, like son, Tim also disturbed my mum. HAHA.

Ya, this is Tim

Besides going to the MRT station, we went to Kinokuniya to find some books. I wonder why the Kinokuniya in K.L. is small. I found so many cool books on architecture in Kinokuniya but too bad, I can't afford it. So expensive. Wishing that the College library have the books but sadly, TCPJ's library doesn't have many books. GRrrrrr!

Orchard road is so cool at night. I saw many artworks on the street. From framed graphic design art,

To wacky recycling bins

And beautiful designers' signboards

The final day for me and mum at Singapore was not more shopping but a tour on water. It was introduced by Tom. It was a great opportunity for me to snap pictures of Singapore from a totally different angle. The bus came to pick us up from Marriott hotel/Tang plaza.

Love the interior design of the bar, The Living Room at the Marriott. Though it was closed and that the doors were not open but through the glass doors and windows, I managed to take a photo of the interior design.

The classical looking pub/bar is so inviting. I wish it was open, yet, it will be senseless for me to go in because I don't drink (alcohol drinks that is).
The hotel itself was grand and arranged to perfection.

This is what I call, "CLASS"

Well, off we were to the harbor. According to the brochure, the "Junk's" name was Cheng Ho 3, named after the famous Admiral Cheng Ho.

It cost S$27 for the 3 hour tour above Cheng Ho 3

The junk. Not junk as in Rubbish. Read up what is a Junk if you don't know

Mummy posing for the camera

The boarding pass is so nice. Wish I can keep it but sadly, can't. *SIGHS!*

The best part of the tour was that I could take photos of the whole city. The harbor view is so nice. It was a bright sunny day, with Blue skies and a touch of clouds which shielded the bring morning sun.

This boat reminds me of a song.. Hmm... What was that song? Yankie do da? HAHA... No idea.. I am starting to think I like antique things, Classical in a way

Another junk sailing the opposite way

Singapore city, Harbor side view

Singapore Ship Yard

Upper deck of Cheng Ho 3

Oiii.. Taking my photo?

Mum took this picture of me

Brianna (left) and her cousin's Spanish fiancee

The Junk docked on a small island called Kusu Island to allow tourist to stretch their legs and experience the beauty of nature. Well, honestly, I still like the Islands in Kota Kinabalu better. HAHA. Well, its about the same but Kusu Islands doesn't have the white sandy beaches as most island do. The shores were filled will tiny gravel. Soft, but not like sand. There, I could see Singapore like another island. Its not big. That a fact. But still the view was magnificent.

Welcomt to Kusu Island

Brianna and Tim

Kusu Island Pier

Kusu island is said to be the place where women in the past will go to to pray and that they believe that going to this island for fertility reasons.

Located on the island is a temple

Hmmm.. The place is full of terrapins

The view of Singapore City from the shores of Kusu island. If you look closely, you can actually see that it was raining in the City.

Janet (Tom's wife) with my mum

One big happy family

Me and mum on Kusu island

Oh yea, Brianna loves climbing trees. HAHA. And since there are not many coconut trees to climb on in the U.S., she tried to climb one of them in Kusu island.

Not bad for a girl

Then it was Tim's turn.

Boy, they love climbing trees

Too bad I am not the tree climbing type of guy. *Looks at tummy* Ya ya, I am too heavy to climb trees la. HAHA. Well, I don't mind trying it one day. When I lose weight that is. Oh, Tim mastered the Asian usage of "lahs" and "Lo" in just a week staying in K.L. and Singapore. He learns fast.

Jumping pictures

Got a picture with my two new American friends. HAHA. Using Singapore city as our backdrop.

On the way back to the city, a sailboat came sailing past the junk.

On deck:- Tourist enjoying the view

On the way back, the rain started to pour so I had to stay indoors. So in order to keep myself occupied, I stalked on the people whom were on the same cabin I was in.

Well, reached the city at 1:30 p.m. Mum and I had a quick lunch before rushing back to the condo to get our stuff and catch the bus back to K.L. Oh boy, another 5 hours ride. I said goodbye to Singapore at 5 p.m., really appreciating mum bringing me along with her. Another memory with mum that I will cherish. Thanks mum. Don't know if this trip will help me in my architecture coursework. All I know is, I am pumped up for the next semester. Its been 3 weeks and I am starting to feel the pressure. Whew!

Oh ya.... the bus.

HAHA.... A small promotion for "Aeroline".
Aaron gives it a 4.5 out of 5 for it's services. Everything was great. The bus was slightly delayed due to heavy traffic in K.L. so it was ok. The only problem was that the T.V. was too small and that the milo was too thin. HAHA... But it was a smooth ride to and fro. So if you want to go to Singapore from any parts of Semenanjung Malaysia, I suggest you take "Aeroline". It is really worth it. And as its motto writes, it really is the most convenient way to fly.
(It doesn't fly by the way)

Well, it took me a week to write this post. Shows how busy I was. Sorry bout the long entry. :P

P.S.: I can't wait for the Redang trip on the 4th of September. Taylor's Architecture semester 4 students are invading Redang!! So is Lameville. The trip is actually for our 2nd assignment. Jealous anyone?

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