Wednesday, September 17, 2008

TCPJ Christian Fellowship

TCPJ Christian Fellowship had their first ever Full Worship Event, "True worship" on Tuesday's meeting which was basically yesterday. I am so glad I did not miss it. Though small, its really enjoying just being able to worship and sing unto the Lord for 1 and a half hour. Each bible study group had to lead 15 minutes of worship each and there were 3 groups in total. My group, which was lead by Benny had a practice last Friday and also at 430 p.m. yesterday, half an hour before the event itself. Its cool being able to meet other Christians and having a fellowship with them. Everyone was tired, bummed by their assignments or exams but they still managed to go for the event.

Sherman, tired and excited at the same time. He was the guitarist for the group.

Everyone was excited and ready for a great worship session.

I am not planning to write much. So enjoy the pictures.

Session started

Every group started with lively and action songs where everyone jumped, dance.... Basically just enjoying themselves.

The musicians were also enjoying themselves.

The Second session

After the Praise songs, it was time for us to quieten ourselves and worship God with meaningful, heart touching songs.

One thing I learned from this event is that, no matter our race, where we come from, the meaning of the songs written unto God, to praise him or to worship, the content of the songs are always similar and that it always touches the heart.

I learned a new song which is in Swahili.

Hakuna Mungu Kama Wewe Bwana

Hakuna Mungu Kama Wewe Bwana (aah aah)(x2)
(Kwa Uweza)
Kwa Uweza ye ye ye
Ei yee
Hakuna Mungu Kama Wewe Bwana


Bentuckee said...

Haha..nice post..i think u wont mind if i link this post from the CF blog rite?

Aaron C. said...

HHAHA... I dont.