Wednesday, September 17, 2008

TPC New Board of Directors first meeting

I was introduced into the Photography club by the first president of the club, David Ooi when I was in semester 3. All 8 members of Lameville joined the club at the start of the year because we all loved photography. Be it Cam-whoring pictures or events, we just love taking pictures with out trusty cameras. So, we joined the club. After a few month later, we went for the board of directors interview then after 2 weeks we were in the new Board of Directors. With the new President, YC, and her newly appointed Board to help her out, we had our first Board of directors' meeting.

With many new members of the board, it is going to be a very interesting process.

Eat while you work can really save time.
8 Lameville members are in the Board. Its definitely going to get wild out there.

aGENDAmaGENTA_TPC08 is in full swing with all the new directors being sworn in to promote the club and to instill excitement and fun for all members.

Lets not forget David who will still be coordinating all the events as the Events director. He doesn't look excited though. Hmmm...

The Meeting has begun, Photos taken by Sherman Tan.

The famous white specs of Darrens really catch the attention of everyone including the camera.

As the new board reads through the brief provided by the President herself,

We were happy to start the new term.

With New agendas, we will be doing something indead.

Lydia, the new secratary of the club.

Miss President briefing us.

The 2 Aarons in the group. Aaron L, one of the techies in the club. One of the most important people in the club. Study up on photography ya Aaron L. And me, Vise President have to study up also.

Creative director is being well, creative. HAHA.

One of our talented techies. Hope to be learning something from them soon.

The meeting was considered as a successful one. Y.C. managed to brief everyone on their post and their jobs. Good work Y.C. Waiting for the brain storming session soon. I will try to do my best to service the club. To the new Board, lets work hard to support the club and make it a successful one.

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