Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gajah-Gajah art workshop 9/10/08

Went to an art workshop in college for activity week. Guess how much it cost me to paint a painting? RM 50 wei... Not cheap for an art workshop which even I can do it in my own home. But yea, buying the acrylic will be expensive so I guess I should have said its all worth it. Well, we had three topics to choose from, first is about the environment, next was poetic spaces and the last was poetic something, if not mistaken is something like structures. Everything has got something to do with with architecture but how we see it abstractly, in other words art.

We had a specially invited speaker and his team of artists/helpers to organize and run the whole workshop and his name was Yusof "Gajah" and no, he is not an elephant.

He gave a short introduction of himself and before we started on our masterpieces, he asked us to scribble something on a piece of paper, then pass it to one of our friends who would then draw something out of that scribble mess. HAHA. He and his helper, Donald "DOG", a graffitti artist, demonstrated on a white board their ability to change students scibbles in to a work of art. Its all bull-crap to me but oh well, in the art world, its a masterpiece.

After the short ice-breaking/scribbling thing they asked us to do, we started with our own masterpieces. To start of, we had everything on our work table, a white canvas for us to paint on, an apron, a small pail of water, an art pallet, acrylic paints of many colours and a small piece of cloth.

Flowery aprons are so not my thing

But maybe this one is okay. HAHA.

Art brush and the extra acrylic paint were at another table

And when we were given the start signal, we all grabbed our pencils or brushes and started our career as artists for the day.

Everyone was is a happy mood, an easy 5 marks for activity week and its also fun. But it cost us RM50 for our painting.

Sitting opposite Chii was one of our seniors who is also a graffiti artist. So, to see a graffiti art on canvas is such a new thing too. He told most of us that this is his first time using acrylic for his artwork.

Cool hair.

Well, most of those who attended the day's workshop were either my seniors or my juniors. Only me, Clement and Chii represented the semester 4 students. Oh well, we were there just to have fun. And also, this is the first time we saw our lecturers acting like little children. Happy and bubbly doing their own artwork.

See what I mean? Mr. "Gajah" looks like a kindergarten teacher looking at his "students" at work.
Miss Selvi: "Let me peek at what Suja is doing. Hmmmm... An elephant."

Mr. "Gajah" reminds me of how most of the Malaysian poets or artists looks like with his long grey hair with his aging beard.

We were given 4 hours to complete our artwork before presenting it to Mr. "Gajah". Rush rush rush we did and paint paint paint the more. Some were silent, while others were busy chit chatting.

Chii decided to get into his own of creativeness by blocking his ears to the outside world and into his own creative and innovative state.

The one that really caught my attention was the graffiti artist at work. His work started to show a very interesting kind of twist in it. Urban vs nature? Reminds me of the Graffiti shown in Kenny Sia's blog when he was in London for the Tiger event.

After 4 hours in the art workshop, the artwork slowly one by one are displayed on the floor for all to see. I finished at 1245 and we had till 1 to finish off.

At 1, we had 5 or 6 rows of artwork, that's about 200 pieces of art. Its so interesting to see all the different styles of art. Some literal and most abstract but it all looked interesting.

Though I think others beg to differ. HAHA.

Miss Selvi was filming all the artwork.

When everyone's work was done and displayed, we were asked to sit on the floor and listen to Mr. "Gajah's" comments and his choosing of 20 art pieces to be displayed at some of the children wards in K.L.

Then the lecturers also chosen some of the art to be displayed at our own Taylor's gallery. So as soon as it started, it was over. After a couple of group photos, we can leave.

Clement's work of art.

One of my favourite paintings of the day. Easy to see what message it was sending. Love the usage of the different shades of blue and white.

My other favourite artwork and is the grafitti art. Its nature against the urban jungle we live in. COol right?

And finally, let me present to you, my work of art named "Blowing up the world". My inspiration came from being irritated the night before and annoyed. Being angry and everything, I imagined a poetic space and it's texture if I blew up the world thus the name. I know it's a lame lame lame idea, but that is how I am. And the colours really tell my story of anger and annoyance. What say you? Looks good?

Finally, me with my artwork. Really had a good time at the workshop. Yes, mine was not chosen. Guess he saw the violence in it. How can you put a violent art in a children's ward. Will only depress them more. HAHA... Oh well.....

Got many other posts I will post up soon. This is sort of a productive holiday for me. I am so going to try to do the same when I am back in Sibu in December. Oh how I can't wait to go home and chill for abit.


ApaulO Agrinaut said...

This work is amazing. Not many degress of separation until you find an artist. Express yourself!

Aaron C. said...

Thank you for the comments apaulo agrinaut.

Philip said...

Hey,interesting workshop. How come all the photos look so nice lately? You missed a nice party last night at Kingwood.

Aaron C. said...

What do u mean it looks so nice lately? HAHA. Aww, yea, I really miss Sibu now. I am so missing out on the parties and stuff. Oh well, at least I am doing something in KL too.

-Sherm- said...

In the 3rd picture the guy looks like he's smoking.

But actually he is going to munch Mr Gajah's beard. xD

Aaron C. said...

HHAHAHA... I didnt see that!