Sunday, October 12, 2008

Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra, 10/10/2008

I was not suppose to go to this trip last Friday because since I already went for the Gajah-Gajah art workshop the day before, there is no reason I needed to do another assignment for activity week. I was accepted for the two activities but because I am not greedy so I gave my seat to Wai Sie since she wasn't accepted for any of the trips. However, I was so bored at home that I decided to go to KLCC on that day just for the fun of it and to snap a "couple" of photos. So, planned to follow Gordon, Daphne and Darren who were leaving from Setia Jaya station at 630 a.m. I learnt something very important that day. Late 5 minutes and miss the train = waiting for another 30 minutes+getting into a sardine can. My gosh, even when the train was full, those freaking "Mondays" had to squeeze and push their way in. My whole body was already squashed to the glass but still they keep forcing their way in. Malaysia's KTM, 3 words, SUCKS LIKE HELL! They really need to think of ways to improve the public transportation here, or maybe just teach the "Mondays" on manners and patience. Well, arrived at KL Central to catch the LRT to KLCC, not as bad as the KTM but it was better. Thankfully we all reached in time. One thing lead to another and the trip up to the Petronas Twin Towers' Skybridge was postponed till 4 p.m. so everyone had time to do their filming for the activity week assignment. The visit to the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra was at 1 p.m. so there was no rush then. So off they were to do their video while I just tagged along.

At first I followed Li Qun's group which consists of Daphne, Huei Liq, Jun Wai, Ellie and Cynthia. Since all the shops were not open till 10 a.m., Daphne and Huei Liq got hotdogs for breakfast and decided to go to the park to have their breakfast.

I wonder what Huei Liq was thinking when I took this picture, or rather, what were they looking at?

Well, after they had their breakfast, we went to meet up with Ellie, Cynthia and Jun Wai at the center court of KLCC. I just love the way the roof of the shopping complex looks. Its so complex yet unique. Of course right? The government have spent so much on this structure alone. Sometimes I ask myself, is it really that nesessary to built the twin towers? Oh well, its already built so we just need to enjoy it till it is no longer the tallest twin towers in the world.

There are usually cars displayed at the center court. And yes, there was one on that day. And well, its one of my favourite designs. Sorry, I don't know the name of the car. All I know is that it is a classic car. Ralph Lauren was displaying their products together with the car. Hmmmm.... When my eyes first laid eyes of the car when it was revealed, I was like:"WOW!!!"

Isn't it just BEAU-tiful? IT'S A CLASSIC CURVED BEAUTY.....

Man, I wish I can own one these in the future. Must cost a heafty sum of money.

After hanging out with them for an hour or so, I decided to search For Sherman, Wai Sie, Darren and Gordon who were at the park starting their production of their video.

The day was so good that even the picture I took of the twin tower looked like postcard pictures. no editting on this one. HAHA... Is all natural. But to gordon, it looks like I editted it right?

But it was a great sunny morning. The sun was shining, the birds, wait, there weren't any birds there, okay, forget about it. HAHA. It was a cloudless day, perfect to see the tallest TWIN towers in the world, The Petronas Twin Towers.

Stalking the friends.

Stalking the tourists.

I enjoy seeing people being in awe of the architecture of the twin towers. Thats what I will be looking forward to in the future. That is what I want as an architect. Imagine being able to see others enjoying and being in awe when they see the structure you designed. Wow, that is my dream! and I am aiming for it.

Stalking those enjoying the towers.

The four were taking their photos for their video. It was enjoying to watch because you can see the tourists staring at us as though we were crazy people. But I guess most of them will know that we are students and that we are doing an assignment or something.

The ways the friends get the picture they want.

See the dedication? They have to kneel so low to get the pictures they want. They are begging for good photos.

Well, I did get some interesting photos, though some are unintentionally.

Like this lady. I was just clicking away and I didn't know I got this picture till I got home and uploaded it into my computer.

But the interesting part being at the park is that I can see so many tourist from different countries visiting the twin towers and it becomes a good photography opportunity for me.

One of the pictures they wanted was asking the cart which goes from the hotel nearby to KLCC for the guest for a ride for their video. It was a funny scene.

Sherman stopped the cart.
Got on,
and just rode off top the hotel.

The rest were chasing him to take the picture.

It was hilarious because I was chasing after them. HAHA.

And I was stalking them everywhere they went.

But 1 p.m. came fast, after lunch, it was time to meet up with the lecturers and the whole group to have a short site visit of the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra.

It was lunch hour also so there were many many people walking in and out of the building.

But I was lucky enough that there were some people who didn't or can't make it to the trip so I was allowed to join in the site visit. I really need to thank the lecturers for the opportunity because it was one of the best site visits I been to. The purpose of the trip is to learn about the acoustics in the Hall. And yes, MPO has one of the best acoustics in the world. Top 10 in fact. Designed by Cesar Pelli, I really love it. The Hall I mean. I wonder why I never been to a show before, the cheapest seat costs me only RM20 because I am a student. Guess I will be planning to attend one soon.

Teak wood was used as the materials for the hall and with the right lighting, it was just MAGNIFICIENT! So grand. The guide introduced a little information on the hall. About the design, the materials and that there are secrets in designing the hall which could not be revealed. HAHA. But I really did learn something.

We also had the opportunity to stay and enjoy the rehearsal for free. Cool. My first time being in an orchestra rehearsal.

And to judge it, though it was just a rehearsal, I will give it a 10/10 performance rate. Even though I thought they played perfectly, the maestro caught all the smallest mistake the musicians made, and made it sound even better. I am so curious how the real thing will sound. I believe that if I did go, I will be so impressed that I will be addicted to it. Hey, can't blame me, I suck at playing musical instruments but I really know how to enjoy great music.

Well, I decided to go back at 4 without visiting the sky-bridge because of some delays and because I didn't want to be in a sardine can again. I really felt that I had a fufilling break where I was able to learn so much and do so much. I basically went on a photography frenzy this week, so please, do enjoy the pictures. I am still learning how to perfect it so please bear with me as I improve in my skills.
Well, its the last day of my break and instead of doing 3D max, I decided to relax at home and just chill....


Philip said...

Very nice pictures and interesting angles.Certainly you will be a successful architect cum photographer.

Aaron C. said...

I hope i can still have fun in photography once i graduate. Because architects are very busy people. HAHA.