Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Please ignore my previous/deleted post of mine. Yes, it was lame and stupid but I was bored. And I knew it will bound to be deleted by me sooner or later. Well, its the Raya Holidays so Firstly, I would like to wish all my Malay friends in Sibu, K.L. or wherever you are a "Selamat Hari Raya". Sorry to those back in Sibu, I know I been saying, "next year I will visit you during Raya." for the past 3 years but circumstances has prevented me from returning to Sibu on this festive period.

I know I am missing out on the many delicious home cooked food (argh, the Malay food tastes so different than the ones here but its soooo freaking good.) but what can I do? Thanks to the last minute, "Classes will be canceled for activity week, just join an activity for one day" has prevented me from booking a ticket back.(Which cost RM 600++ to RM 1000++ depending on when). Oh well, I guess I am not meant to be back home in my beloved town. I know, K.L. is much better. With all the places to go and the shopping centers and malls. The great big city. But I will and shall be a town folk. I love going back to a peaceful town. No traffic, fresh air, CHEAP food, traditional FOO CHOW FOOD! and to see my family. Arghhh... Now I feel homesick. No! I must not feel so. Its time I get my ass to work. I need a routine for the next two weeks. Assignments and exercise will be my main priority (40-50% chances I will come up with the two weeks routine but I will try). Argh.. Forget it. My first priority is to get back my sleepless nights. Energize my body to the full before the upcoming sleepless nights. Wish me all the best ya.

Oh ya, its October the first, so to all those borned on October, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I won't list it out because there are just too many October babies. For those celebrating their 21st on this month, Doug, Shirley (da jie), Robert Dieh and so far thats all I know, including me, I just want to say: "Happy 21st birthday to all of you. I know we are legal to start drinking and all but please, Don't Drink and Drive. HAHA. Just joking. Well, we have come to an age where we are no longer teens nor have we become adults. We are still in between. HAHA. We have reached the begining of our 20's I wish you well. With all the stress and all the strain, I only have this one advice. If you wanna stay young, just hang around those younger than you." HAHA... Ok, that was lame. Oh well, I am that lame anyway.

Well, when you reach the age of 21, you realise that life is no longer a fairytale. Welcome to reality. And yes, IT SUCKS!


ah woei said...

oui aaron..the malay food look delicious...wish u selamat hari raya..selamat hari raya...lalalala...hehe...ur kampuas will be arriving soon..wait ya~~ :)..hiak hiak

Aaron C. said...

YAY!!!! HAHA... Buy a few for me. HAHA. will pay you back. Ermmm... Cos my bro might also want. And i can freeze it too. HAHA. Oh ya, the pictures are random pics i took from the net. AHAHA.