Sunday, October 19, 2008

My cute little furry babies.

"*Tap* *Tap*Hey look who is staring down on us. He's big!!"

Staying at home for a day has its advantages, I get to see my little pets at play. Yes, this is the second batch of baby hamsters. And yes, I am going to give them away soon. HAHA.... but look at them, Aren't they just little darlings? They are very active these four. And naughty, I can't get a great picture of them till I grabbed first Three then Four in my hands. Had to hold them tight (Don't worry, I didn't strangle them or anything.), not too tight, just enough so they can't get away.

After doing assignments so much, I guess pets are one of those things which can cheer a person up. Holding their small bodies on my palm, being able to feel their every heart beat. *dub dub* *dub dub* *dub dub*.

Okay Sherman, I admit you are right, I did change a bit, by this I mean my attitude. It's not emotional or anything. It just that I want to do well in architecture so sometimes I will seem kinda uptight if my group mates make sudden decisions or do last minute things. And the assignments and stress is just holding me tight like the picture above. Ever since I was in secondary school, I am not a person who likes people to ask me to do things in the very last minute. I am very hard headed especially when it comes to my ethics and my ways of conduct. Usually it is what I say goes. I tried not to do that in college, but certain circumstances changed that. You know what I mean la. There are some who are just not putting their heart into what they are doing. And that is what worries me the most. So hence the change in character. Sometimes, we just have to be the bad guy and allow people to hate us to get the best results in a project. But yea, I really need to learn how to control my temper once more. I seriously do. Well, I hope I do.

To my group mates. Sorry if I seem uptight bout the decisions you guys made. Next time. Just don't ask me to do things in the last minute. Give me an extra day or so. If you really can't then at least make sure that the library is open so I can at least do the research there. You can hate me all you want. You can curse me as much as you want. I am not bothered by you guys. You want to risk our friendship, that is totally up to you. Just get your head in the game. It's not a game.

A fail=waste of time=waste of money

Done with my part for services but it all depends to what the lecturer says tomorrow. Now its time for a little R&R then back to doing Studio work.

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