Monday, October 13, 2008


Upon the requests of Miss Ellie and Miss Cynthia to follow them to the sports carnival during MPO, I agreed to go to take some photographs. My excuse, I am bored and tired of 3D Max and I have no inspiration at all for Studio. Ya, I know, its not a very good excuse but what the hey, I already went so all I can do now is to post about the carnival. Its TCPJ's Sports Carnival and the final day which the one I went to is actually the finals and also for the outdoor court games like tennis, basketball and netball. Had to wake up at 6 in the morning to slap myself awake for the day ahead. Ellie picked me, Grace and Eilyn at 7 and we headed for Cynthia's place so she can bring us to a golf course/club at Bukit Jalil where the games will be held. This is my first time ever steeping foot in Bukit Jalil so that is why I had to depend on Cynthia and Ellie to fetch me or else I would have driven there myself. Well, thanks girls for the kindness. HAHA. Reaching at 730 a.m., we were the first few from SABD there.

With a big banner welcoming us to the carnival, the sun was also shining happily. It was a hot and bright sunny day. Great for outdoor games, bad for the girl's skin. HAHA.

Muscle man! One of the staff playing in the games.

While waiting for the others, I started to take some pictures of the registration area. SABD, TCHT, SOC, SOCIT and the Staff will be battling for the championships. *SABD,TCHT, SOC and SOCIT are the different schools we have at Taylors Petaling Jaya. Hope I got it all right.*

Registration Table.

Staff in charge making sure that the bus bringing the rest from TCPJ is coming.

Soon, more people turned up and most are familiar faces, Thank Goodness. The gmes was on the way at around 9 a.m. when all had turned up and registered their names for the games.


Basketball players

Somehow, the colour of the T-shirt chosen for SABD was orange. Hmmm... Why orange? I wonder....

Stretch stretch...

Sabd girls were ready and pumped up for the match ahead. First off, they were against TCHT's netball team where all of them are representing TCPJ in Netball. And for SABD, well, we don't really have the time for sports with all of our studio and stuff but no worries, I believe they are good enough. HAHA.

Okay la, SABD lost the first match against TCHT, but they did try their best against the College's team. You see how "semangat" Grace was on the court. They really gave their all.

And I quote Cynthia:"Just have fun. Its just a game."

As for the guys' basketball, SABD had 3 teams representing out school, so it was SABD A, SABD B and SABD C against, TCHT, TCIT, TOC and the staff.

Warming up.

SABD A.. Oops, I only have their group picture because they played the first match and I was running around 5 different courts so I didn't manage to get a group picture of all the teams.

They did well, beating SOCIT in their first Game.

Other basketball game's shot.

The tennis match was kind of interesting. Got some unique shots of it. First time taking sport shots, so yea, my eyes have to be sharp and reflexes fast to snap the best shots.

Service... hardest shot to get. Well, in tennis, one of the hardest lesson to learn is the serving.

Woooo.... Wai Sie can play tennis. HAHA.

After the TCHT defeated the staff , it was SABD's turn to play against the staff for silver. TCHT won gold in Netball.

But undoubtfully, they were good sports women. Friendly even to their competition.


Ellie and Cynthia waiting in the court excitedly for the second game. Everytime my camera aims at them, they give a pose. It is always great to have willing models.

Cheryl Choo posing for the camera too... Yep, I now agree with you Cheryl, SABD people are damn posers. I now seriously need lessons. Ellie, Cynthia, Hau Yee, Daphne!!! YOU GIRLS ARE CAM-WHORERS!! TEACH ME HOW TO POSE LA!!!
My poses are always so "Cacated".

The girls were more coordinated and aggresive in the 2nd match. Both teams finally got to score on this match after TCHT dominated both matches and made it hard for the other 2 teams to score.

Their first score of the day. SO happy, just look at their faces. HAHA.

Aggresive Grace

Guess... Score or no score?

Half time....

Full time... Everyone seems so happy. At least they got to score a few points. HAHA.

After the games, it was all about chilling and chit chatting and some cam-whoring and playing in the tennis court.

Miss Cynthia

At the tennis courts, the final few games were being played. We went over to support the SABD players. But they lost. Oh well, its just a game.

The winner, but why does he look so down, I wonder...

Jeans+tennis= Must not be competing. Just messing around in the tennis court.

One of the staff calculating the points for the overall score for all schools.

After waiting under the hot sun for 2 hours and also sharing a bowl of ice-kacang, it was time for the prize giving ceremony. Though SABD didn't get many golds but we were the overall champions for getting the highest marks in winning the medals and participation. I am so proud of SABD. And yes, because I am in it, DUH!

The trophies...

The girls enjoying and proud of their silver medals.

Congratulations guys... Okay, thats all for this post. SOrry if it looks messy. I just don't really have the mood to write. WHY? Because breaks ends today!!! ARGGHHHHHH..... Back to classes tomorrow. Well, at least I had a fufilling holiday. 3dmax 70% done so means I can give my full concentration on Studio.... Wish me luck.. 1+1/2 months more to holiday. I can't wait....

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