Sunday, November 23, 2008

Farewell gathering, 12/11/08

During my study week, I had an unexpected phone call from Su-Lyn asking me whether I was free on the 12th of November to attend a farewell party for Kyle and also a small gathering for the Ex-Mufians. Yea, it has been 2 years since our gang met up with each other. Different colleges/universities is the major factor in why we seldom met up after our graduation night. Anyway, I guess this gathering was also a farewell gathering because Kane, Stanley and Iggy will be flying off to Melbourne as well in March. Talking about bad timing, my exams was the week after but part of me told me to take a break and join them and enjoy the night.

Place to meet was "Thai-Thai" located in Pyramid's new wing. If you really fancy Thai food, "Thai-Thai" is not the place I would recommend you to go. Yes, the ambiance is nice but the food is just not great. And it is expensive too. Okay, back to the post. Well, we were supposed to meet at 7. But you know, 7 actually means 8. HAHA. Well, the 2 people I met up with first at 7 (the punctual ones) were Natasha and Pui Yee. 5 minutes later, we met Jia Yee. While we chatted and waited for the rest, I found out that we all changed in a way. We did mature. Everyone is either busy working during the holidays or doing their internships and stuff. Oh well, that is life huh?

The hostess only arrived at 730 p.m. 5 minutes after Chia Yee and Mashella arrived. But where are the guys? Well, we found out later that they were on their way from Penang. Hmmmm.... HAHA.... But they made it at 8p.m.

"Where are you? We all waiting for you!"

Pui Yee as cheerful as ever.

We decided to wait for the guys before we took our order. Looking at the menu, I decided to order Thai Green Curry for dinner. When the guys finally arrived, we ordered up and we started chit chatting like when we were in MUFY. Sad that some couldn't make it. Choon Choon was having her finals, Ranjiniy didn't have transport, Alan was still in Penang because he was following another group, and Vivien, Claire and Sam are in Australia. So it was actually a very small gathering.

Guy in yellow: Thats kyle and the girl next to him is Chia Yee

Stanley and Kane.

The entertainment for the night was chit chatting and enjoying each other's company. BAhh.. I seriously need a better flash. My camera could not catch the nice ambiance in the restaurant. Well, after dinner, decided to get some group shot just for memories sake. And as usual, these people just couldn't stop moving to get a nice clear shot.

See what I mean.


Eventually, I got a nice shot of everyone.

Then a shot with me in the picture. Decided to use a timer and the chair as my tripod. The picture is blur.. Forgot to turn on the flash. But what's the use... The flash is just too annoying also. HAHA. But the shot was okay. Nothing to complain about.

Then the gals wanted a picture with Kyle, JUST because he is leaving.

He looks happy... Of course, it is because he is surrounded by pretty girls.

The leng luis. Anyone interested? HAHA.

After a few long goodbyes, and some more pictures. I had to say goodbye to them. My family is in K.L. as well, and also because I had to rush finishing the model of the diver's point. I don't regret taking sometime off assignments and meet up with these guys. It's nice to meet up with them again. Ahh... Hope we do meet up with each other in the future.

From left: Kyle, Iggy (with the cap), Mashella, Stanley and Natasha.

Ermm.. Sorry guys for updating this post so late. Please understand how busy I was. HAHA.. Well, here it is. It has been uploaded. Well, hope to see you all soon.. Good luck Pui Yee in your job and also Natasha who went to California to work (so lucky) and to Kyle who is migrating to Australia. Well, back to waiting for my 3d max model to finish rendering. To all ex-Mufians who missed it. "Don't worry, Jom! lets plan something before I head back to Sibu for the December holidays."


p.s. the reason I did not snap any pictures of the food is because it was nothing special. The place I recommend to go for nice and reasonable Thai food is at Taipan called "Thai corner". Order the Green curry there. It is just so YUMMY.


Blu3_Darren said...

among all of these people, you should be glad you were not in the photo....I guess.


You look so much younger(is it the word?) than them.


Jinie said...

dammit...i missed this...*sigh* oh well looks like u guys had fun.
aaron...get ur facts da way...a gathering b4 u leave? wen i hv my finals??? ur
wen are u comin back?

Aaron C. said...

HAHA.... I will only be back in january. Classes start on the 7th. So yea, like i said. HARD to have a gathering. Different schedules and all. Haih haih....

Jinie said...

ok i'll be working in jan but we'll get everyone n plan sthg 4 da weekend

Aaron C. said...

HAHA... Everyone will be leaving by then i think.