Saturday, November 22, 2008

Art exhibition at Taylors PJ, 06/11/08

Okay, this is actually a very delayed event which happened a couple of weeks ago. You know, exams, assignments, studio and all. Remember the Gajah-gajah art workshop? Well, this is a continuation. Well, not really. SABD had an art exhibition to showcase then sale the paintings for charity. The charity goes to one of the children's home somewhere in P.J. Not bad huh? Well, this is the first time I got to really experience and help out with an exhibition at the gallery. I saw some nice artworks from the other group. But I still felt that most of the good ones were the ones painted on the day I joined. I am not being "perasan" okay... It's a fact. I didn't sell my piece. Selfish me wants to keep it for memory sake. HAHA. Well, here are some of the scenes at the art exhibition and also some of the art pieces put up on display.

The event kicked off with Mr. Tony, the Director of SABD (School of Architecture, Building and Design) giving his opening speech and then selecting an artwork to purchase to give it to the Dean of Melbourne University as a gift from Taylors. And guess which painting was chosen?

Yap, the graffitti art was chosen to be the gift. Yes, it was one of the best art piece on display that day.

He officiated the purchase by sticking a sticker one it. Sounds weird right? Well, architecture is never a norm. So things we do might seem weird at times.

It's MINEE!!!!

My two favorite pictures.

The lecturers really made the gallery having the feal of a real art gallery. Big space, bright sunlight aiming on the artworks. But actually, the small is kinda small. And there were many people coming to take a look at the paintings.

And of course, where there is food, coffee or tea, you will see student minggling around the food table, chit chatting and munching away. HAHA... But, its a good thing. Archi students need their break and free food at times. Making models can cost us a heavy load each time.

Enjoying the coffee and the company of others.

The two willing models posing with a painting.

The college's media photographer, photographing all the events that goes on in college.

Enjoying the paintings.

Even the lecturers were enjoying the time to miggle with each other and the students and talk about art.

Okay... Enough about art without showing you the masterpieces from the students. Here are some of the paintings I personally love. Excluding the Graffitti art that is, enough of it.

Artwork done by Clement. The painting was bought by Ms. Shereen if I am not mistaken. I love the effects of the painting. Though it looks simple, but the usage of colours are unique.

Contrasting the squares,

Is the circles. Don't know who is the artist, but this painting just screams:
"Take a picture of me!!!"

Buildings in the trees? Nice huh? Very suitable for those who still thinks Sarawakians stay on trees. HAHA. And no, we Sarawakians stay in HOUSES.

Futuristic painting. Very playful yet meaningful. As we enter the future. Lets not forget about nature as well.

Blue and black always looks cool.

Frank Gehry's Guggeinhiem Museum.

And of the most unique pictures. No matter how I photoshop it, enhance the colours and contrast and all, it still looks terrific in the colours. But after I editted it to this point, I felt that this was the best. Very artsy. Don't you agree?

Then to the dark paintings.

The isolation really makes me feel isolated. This painting for me is really eerie feeling. Don't know why.

V for Vandetta. But doesn't this look spooky? In a way that is. HAHA...

And finally, one of the most emotional paintings. A lonely bear bear in a lonely lonely word. It looks so sad... I felt like buying this painting but ME NO CASH!!! Sorry teddy. I hope you were bought.......

HAHA... That is all folks. Well, exams are finally over, so this means I can update the blog quite often now. Well, I have a few post to write it, so please be patient. I still have 3 important things to do for this semester. One is to finish the rendering for 3ds Max and presentation for Studio 2. Wish me luck..

It's time for us to say Goodbye to staying over in college, and staying in the library bounded by our books.

On being all stressed out and angry. (Inside joke. Need to look at Najat's MSN nick then you will understand. HAHA)

And goodbyes to long hours staring into the computer screen...

Holidays are near. I feel like I want to fly soon. Oh well, Back to work. One more week till everything is over. YAY!!!!

Coming up on the future posts, "Farewell to Kyle/ Gathering for MUFians", "Happy 21st Aaron. From your family", "3ds Max final outcome" and of course "The making of Studio 2"

Look forward to it people. Till then. Ciaoz.. Have a great weekend.


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