Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sneak peak..

Yes yes yes... I know I know... How can I disappear after such an "emo" post? Well, I been attending to "her" and the breakup is nearly complete. Well, everyone loves sneak peak right? Well, let me introduce you all to my pretty. She is finally completed, and all I have to do is wait till December 1st to "break up" with her. HAHA. Well, for those who still don't get the joke, the "girlfriend" (in the previous post) I was referring to is my Studio 2 final assignment which is to design a Diver's Point in Pulau Redang. Oh ya, December 1st is my crit day which means my design, model, presentation, etc etc. will be evaluated on that day so, the "break up" means I finally get to have my long waited holidays. Lame, I know. Well, that is what assignments, exams, and stress can do to a person. Without further ado, I give to you, MY DIVER'S POINT.

Worked hard on it. Tried to do it as neatly as possible. I am so happy that the effect that I wanted appeared in the model as well. Well, this is only a sneak peak so you will just have to wait till I am free-er to update this blog. This post is just to assure that the blog is not dead.

Well, another sneak preview is my 3d Max 7 assignment. Thanks to Charles, we got another 2 days extension... Wheww..... But so far so good. Managed to finish the lighting and the furnishings for the living room of the house... What do you think?

Real enough?

Well, on the bright side, my beloved family including my grandma came to visit after their tour in Vietnam. Haih.... they just had to kacau me... Well, At least my parents got some nice photos from the trip.

AHHHHHHHH... I seriously need a vacation.

Okayyyyy... Its time to get back to studying for my Services 2 paper which is on Friday and finishing up, the 3d Max assignment, the presentation board for my model, a portfolio and prepare a presentation after today. AIKS!!!!! I miss my bed!!!! AND MY LIFEEE!!!!

Wish me all the best... I really need it..
Sorry, Sneak peak so short post.

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doreend said...

hi aaron..
im so sorry i had no idea what's wrong with the connection.
anyway, i think ur model looks great. i love how u incorporate diff materials into it.
n of coz it is so so much neater compared to ur precious proud of u.
cant wait for ur final piece.
good luck!
supporting u all the way from UK. =))