Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas in Sibu...

Christmas is one of the most important celebrations celebrated in Sibu. Annually, churches will gather to celebrate the occasion with a round town procession where some churches will decorate floats with bright colored lights and bright Christmas colors usually telling the story of Christmas.

In addition, the SMC (Sibu Municipal Council) organized a Christmas Tree Decoration Competition for companies. Surprisingly, these companies came up with some of the wakiest Christmas Tree decorations I ever seen and I must admit, this is something I enjoyed. For me, these abstract trees really put a smile on my face. Why? I don't know. Its art maybe. Well, this year, some of the designs are very traditional but I saw some designs which I really liked. Some even inspired me for my future assignments.

The main tree. I should think it was done by SMC. Standing tall, its simple but its beautiful.

One of my favourite designs, in the day, one can see that this tree is made out of aluminium frames with internal lighting in between and using wire mesh to create the outer skin.

And at night, when the lights were turned one... Just beautiful. I like the shadow created by light shining on the bending wire mesh.

This one seemed normal in the morning and I didn't really get a great shot of it. But it took me by surprise at night. Lights do make a difference. HAHA.

See... Go green people. This tree was constructed using used plastic bottles filled with different shades of green water. I wonder what are they going to do with the bottles after Christmas.

Traditional Christmas tree.... Why?
Look Closely....

The ornaments are actually Melanau Harvesting hats. Yes, this tree was done by the Melanau Society.

The modern Christmas tree. Ideal for cam-whores. This tree is constructed with aluminium and also glass. I like this tree alot. But I didn't manage to take a picture of it at night because there were too many people crowding that area and also, it has been raining these few nights so I couldn't go out to snap a picture of the trees.

But overall, the trees didn't look half bad. Though some of the designs from last year are cooler than these. Oh well, designing is such a subjective thing.

Okay, back to the Christmas procession....

I did take pictures of the Floats but only this can be used. The rest are so blur. Night shots are just too hard to take with so much movement.

Here are some of the scenes of the night. I eventually followed Wesley Church after being dragged in by the youths.

One of the companies for the BB (Boys' Brigade) band which lead the way for the churches partaking in the procession.

But somehow, many of the bands merged with the GB (Girls' Brigade) band members. I guess not many are interested to be in a band anymore.

Some junior GB giggling when I took a picture of them. Everyone was excited about walking around the town area where many people gathered to celebrate Christmas.

Louis holding one of the banner's for Wesley.

Jan and Jeanne.


Another float in the shape of an ark. Most probably Noah's ark.


The procession was suppose to start at 7 p.m. but you know typical humans, it was delayed for about half an hour when the band started to move. Oh ya, do not believe the local newspaper, "Borneo Post" when they "Chua da pao" that it was raining heavily and the people were walking under the pouring sky. That is just lies. If it was raining, I wouldn't have gone out with my camera. It was only drizzling and even so, by the time the procession started, the rain had stopped completely... Sometimes, the reporters just have to get their facts straight.

Well, we walked for about an hour. But even when it was over, I glanced over to a group still singing and celebrating and dancing. It was so fun to see.

So wanted to join in. HAHA...

The youths which dragged me into the procession. Cool guys. I must admit, I feel old when I am with you guys. HAHA.

Went for supper after that at Taman Muhibah. And just chilled and had lots of fun....

Making weird faces...

Let me introduce you to Timmy, Tim and Oh ya, Tim. Yes, 3 of them are Timothy and 2 of the Tims have a sister named Grace.

Not this Tim. So he tries to be a Grace but sadly, he failed. HAHA.

Quote Tims: "Total retardness."

Well, had fun with the youngsters. Wait, I AM STILL YOUNG!! WHAT AM I SAYING.... Hmmmmm......

Christmas is lets see... 3 more days to CHRISTMAS!!!! YAY!!!!!
How am I going to celebrate? Hmmmm... Hot chocolate with family sitting by the Christmas tree watching T.V.



Philip said...

You really had fun that evening. Merry Christmas to you and your family.Oh that BP...after so many years it is still the most lousy paper.

Aaron C. said...

HAHAHA.... I have to agree with you... They always stretch the truth..

Oridusartic said...

Hello. Where is Sibu btw?
The Christmas celebration looks so festive there. Just check out the Christmas trees, lovin' it! :D

Aaron C. said...

HAHA... Sibu is in Sarawak, Malaysia. A very small town in the Borneo island.

Mind introducing yourself?

Oridusartic said...

Whoops. Sorry I forgot to introduce myself. Well I'm just a random visitor of your blog. I'm from Indonesia. I found your blog through Google and it turns out that you're also linked to I linked my blog to

Well yeah. Complicated.. but great! I like the photos in your blog. :D

Nice to meet you Aaron.

Aaron C. said...

Nice to meet you too. HAHA... Ohhh... You know Darren. HOw cool is that? Thanks for the comments.