Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Party at Youth Worship Service....

Life after secondary school means having to look forward to friends returning from all over the world. And also different batch of friends. Those who are studying in U.K., you can only see them from July till September and those studying in Australia, from December till most probably after Chinese New Year. And year by year, less and less will come back to Sibu because some have to do their training or even started working. For me, I am just glad that I can still meet up with my dear friends, especially those who are from the youth service. Everyone is somehow all grown up. In many different ways. Though some still acts the same.

Since its near Christmas, many from Australia are back. So glad... And thanks to Youth Service, we had our annual Christmas service/party on the Sunday before Christmas.. We celebrate with food!! Food unites everyone. HAHA. Well, here are the pics. Less words.. More pictures!

Christina and Rebekah..

Michelle, Christina, Grace, Rebekah, Joyce and Louisa..

Me with the girls..

Me and Melvin..


Me and Chu Kion a.k.a. C.K. and yes, she prides the fact that it is the same initials as Calvin Klein.


+ Adrian..

The girls with aunty Grace, one of the advisors of Youth Service.

Bi Ho and the girls...

Us with Rev. Lisa. Well, Rev. Lisa is transferring to Zion Methodist Church next year after serving in Wesley for 4 years. Thank you Rev. Lisa. Will visit you at Zion. HAHA.

Thanks for your care and love to the youth service.. We will all miss you!

Rev. Lisa and Jan..

Ermmm.... See what can I see... *Hint-the shirt.

Well, it was nice to see everyone again. Everyone was happy and jolly at the fellowship. So sorry for the un-me post. I have so little time to update. And because I am lazy. HAHA. Well, till the next post....

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