Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas of 2008

Okay... Christmas is over so it means 2008 is at a close. Ah.... Goodbye 2008. I shall not really miss you. Yes yes. 2008 is not really a good year for me. First off, the stress I faced. Second, I guess not many people know, I experienced my first breakup and yes, to my girlfriend and not my studio. Well, and much more. Yes, yes, everyone wants to know why... But honestly, don't bother, because I am so not going to tell you. Coming back to Sibu really did cheer me up. Guess what did the trick... Here is a hint... it starts with the letter f and ends with the letter y. Yes, its my family. And with the care they give.. Not forgetting the food... I feel cheered up. HAHA.

Well, for Christmas eve. My parents decided to have a party at home. So they invited their friends. Everyone brought a dish. Well, my parents, as usual, whipped up some delicious dishes for the party. Okay, "foodies" out there, don't lick your computer screens okay...

Food for Christmas Eve party..... Cooked by my parents...

Dad cooked...

Roast leg of lamb.

Roast Chicken (Jamie Oliver style).

He also cooked Cream of Mushroom soup using fresh mushrooms and potato au gratin but I didn't manage to take a picture of it.

Mum is a desert person so she made,

Traditional English Trifle.

And Tiramisu.
Yum Yum....

But what was interesting is that I manage to also eat "Bansuh", a traditional Iban dish where the chicken is cooked in a bamboo with herbs, salt an pepper on an open fire. Its a very fragrant Chicken soup dish. Well, once I can get the actual details of the dish, I will write it in the future post.

According to my dad, his friend whom we know as Ah Kong cooks one of the best "Bansuh" in town.


Well, there were other dishes which I didn't manage to take picture of because I was running all over the place serving drinks to the guests. Even my little dog was having fun with the guests. Receiving belly rubs and pats on its head for Christmas eve. But sighs. He is an old dog but still acting like when he was a pup.

Let me introduce you to Monty...
A cute cocker spaniel with long fluffy fur and loves belly rubs.

Sitting somewhere in my living rooms is a beautifully decorated Christmas trees.

My brothers really did a great job decorating the tree without me.

The night ended with everyone counting down to Christmas and then wishing each other a "MERRY CHRISTMAS" and hugs.

I love Christmas... Don't you... Its about love and guess what I celebrated it with the people who I love most in the world. That is just everything.
And you want to know what else? I am celebrating the birth of Christ, my saviour and my God.

Happy holidays everyone. God bless you all and have a Happy New Year!


-Sherm- said...

after i see all the food...

reminds me of you being santa. haha

and where's your reinass? xD

Aaron C. said...

Hmmmmm.... Reinass with the prince mah..... HAHAHA