Sunday, January 11, 2009

Central market, 9 January 2009, SABD Orientation Activity for the 2009 January intake.

So, here is the post. Finally, after 2 days... I finally decide to post about it. HAHA. Last Friday, the SABD Student Society held an orientation activity for the new batch of SABD and the design school students of 2009. Where did we go? Well, to the Central Market in Kuala Lumpur city we went, which is also known as Pasar Seni which translates to Art market in English. So this is what we did there....

930 a.m.: Everyone meet at the Central market which includes all the January intake and also the seniors (which includes myself). After all have gathered, the seniors and juniors were all devided into groups to have an ice-breaking session. I was grouped with David Ooi, Marie and Sofia. We were known as the orange group. And we had 13 juniors to entertain. The games that we played was... Let each member grab as much MNMs/Smarties as possible. Each color has a task for them to do. The more they take, the longer they will have to do it or the more they have to do the task. It was soooo Funny, because some were so greedy that the took a whole handful. But some were smart to just take a little. But in the end, it contributes to the whole group.

So, after they grabbed, they have to count how many of each colour they took...

Yes, its time to regret being greedy...

From creating Human Pyramids,

To duck-taping body parts and peeling it off(they got the wrong duck tape, it didn't hurt at all.)

But the seniors helped out. Its all part of the fun right. I was so gentleman that I took one tape from each girl in the group so that means, I got 6 tapes on me. Haihhh... But thankfully, it didn't hurt.

To doing the Can-can.


Ice-breaking session lasted for almost 2 hours and after briefing, the juniors were regrouped and arranged with different seniors so they get to know all of us. HAHA.. This time, I followed Bryan, Rebecca and Lee Hui and brought the group to Petaling Street to grab lunch and also search for inspiration for the next activity.

Rebecca and Lee Hui

We all left for the "touring" of KL at 12 and were asked to meet back at 1:30 p.m. So off we went, chit chatting and loking around Petaling Street. So where did we go for lunch? We decided that Mcdonalds and KFC is so not Malaysian culture, so we headed to a shop in the alley way to have lunch.

1:30 P.M.: Back at Central market, Some of the seniors were preparing the things for the main activity for the day. Which is to crate an artwork to describe what they saw and see in the places we visited to fit the theme, "the invisible city".

PAINT! I love the colors!

So by 2 P.M., most of the group had returned from their group trips and immediately started on their task at hand.

After, a little help from the seniors,
Every group started their masterpieces...

While the juniors were busily working,

The seniors were...

Chilling and chatting..

Taking photos and getting to know everyone else.

Some did modeling

While some were just,

Fooling around..

Anyway, its all about getting to know everyone in your course and just enjoying each others company. And just to let the juniors know that we are there for them. HAHA..

So, by 3:30 P.M., every group must be done and clean up their own workspace in order to be judged by the lecturers. There were a few attending that day but I didn' manage to get a nice shot of them. Well, familiar faces like Mr Kid, Mr Charles, Mr Voon, Miss Suja, Miss Salvi, and so on were there to listen to the new comers "crapping" their work of art. Let me tell you something, the juniors really have sweet mouths. They seriusly know how to talk the talk. I am impressed. My group did very well in trying to convey their piece of art. Hope to get the pictures from David's camera soon. Well, after the prize giving ceremony, the final thing to do before everyone goes back to their homes....

Group Picture with the new SABD family at Taylors. So cool la...

Yes, We are cooler than cool and hotter than hot...

Well, really had a great time knowing people that day.. I really had a great fun day... But sadly, its back to college for my final year. AIYAAAAAA.... Once again, Stress has begun.... Pray that I have a good year. HAHA.


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