Saturday, January 17, 2009

Touring KL City for Studio 3

The new semester started this week and so did our first assignment for Studio 3. The first day we entered the studio, we were briefed on the things we will be doing in our next studio and then to our first assignment. So, this semester, we are all about urban issues which is something totally different to the things we are used to do. Which is a good thing. So for the first assignment, "Urban Regeneration Study", we have to see the issues of urban development and its impact on the fabric and human habitation of a city. What we have to do is to go find a place in the Klang Valley which can be dated back to before World War two and see the development of that certain area. Hmmm. I guess this sounds so confusing, so just ignore the fact that I wrote that.

So to start off this assignment, we were grouped in to a group of 4-6 people and were asked to explore the places which was suggested. My group which consists of Sherman, Hau Yee, Jesselyn and Kiet Yeang decided to go around looking at the different areas on Wednesday. So these are the few places which we went to look around.

Old Klang Road...

Then to Brickfields (Jalan Tun Sambathan),

Yes, this building is more than 100 years old. Built in 1904.

The old with the new....

And for those who love to gossip,

This is the place for you. Sorry, we didn't go into the cafe to eat.

Next stop was to Jalan Alor for both the assignment and also for lunch,

Jalan Alor have some nice OLD buildings.

And also alot of places to eat some of the best hawker dishes.

After we visited these places, we decided to go to KLPAC to see Li Qun and some of the people who were there for an art installation project for the open day in KLPAC this Sunday.

On the Bukit Bintang road, Sherman got this picture of a Traffic police on his bike.


When we reached there, we found out that Li Qun's group was not there. And since we were there, might as well walk around and take a couple of pictures.

Looking at the fishes which were swimming in the water.

My groupmates.

Then we went to the Koi center and cam-whored.

Kung Fu me

"I want to FLY!" ~Sherman

Miss Kiet Yeang posing.

"Hmmmmm... What pose should I do?"~Jesslyn

"I shall just look to the skies and admire its beauty."

"TA DA!" ~ Hau Yee. HAHA... She was just showing off her curls.

Then it was off to Japan for us. It took us only 2 minutes for us to walk to "Japan". Well, I am just kidding. Next to KLPAC, there is a small Japanese restaurant which is also connected to the Koi center and it is built to look like the buildings you can find in Japan.

After walking around and taking photos till 330 P.M., we headed home.

Seems to me that the new semester is going to be tiring. Because honestly, I am feeling tired already. HAHA. With all the driving just for my assignments, I hope to learn more than I did before. Cheers to studying (WHAT THE HECK AM I TALKING ABOUT!). Ah...

Hoping for the best. ZZZZzzzzzzz......

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