Saturday, January 17, 2009

KLPAC... Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre

Went to help Li Qun with his art installation at KLPAC for this Sunday's or tomorrow's KLPAC Open Day. For those who are in KL and is interested in art or anything to do with art, just drop by and enjoy the programmes which are held there. There will be food and performances as well. Plus, if you are interested in photography, KLPAC is a very good spot for that. Located at Sentul West, KLPAC was once a train factory for the Malaya times. Now, it is being developed by YTL (hope I got this right) and the landscape there is so aesthetically pleasing to the eye and for your cameras as well. The KLPAC open day will start at 10 A.M. and will end at 5 P.M. so please drop by to visit at anytime. No, I am not doing promotion for KLPAC and there is no money involved. I would just like to share something which is interesting to you. For those who are students and do not have their own mode of transport to Sentul, you can take the KTM to Sentul station which is at Sentul east then you can take the mini bus to Sentul West, or you can walk or take a Cab.

So, yesterday, was the second last day for Li Qun to finish his work of art. The Studio 1 students were "forced" to help for their 10 marks in Studio and for us, we just wanted to give moral support for a friend. Li Qun's work is placed on an empty hilly contour beside the KLPAC building and can be noticed easily. I am not sure what his explanation is (or I just won't reveal it now) so come and listen to his explanation to his art piece tomorrow.

So here are the photos of what we were doing yesterday...

Everyone just enjoying themselves under the hot afternoon sun shining on us. And some, just looking and relaxing under the shades, feeling the breeze.

Some were just emo-ing and making people take his picture as a proof that he was there. (TOP: Jun Win)

Stacie was working hard under the sun. Yes, it was very hot. But as you can see, these Studio 1 students are very harworking so Li Qun, You must give them 10 marks ya.

Toiling under the hot sun.

Threading the fishing string to the Ping Pong Balls to create the art piece.

Working on a very uneven contour.

But I guess, it was all worth it. Because you are working with friends and creating something very interesting.

Thats part of the KLPAC building and also the artwork.

The ping pong balls seems to be floating in the air.

It was very tiring.

And sort of risky. It is very frustrating when one of the fishing lines break and you have to redo the part.

And the designers at work.. Thinking of solutions and ways to make it interesting.

It was not all work and no play. There are some moments where you would.....

ROFL - Roll on the floor laughing. (literally)

Photographing each other...

And group photography...

And yes, it is finished. By 430 P.M., we could all go home and just wait till Sunday to reveal the artwork to the world.

It is a very interesting piece of art. Trust me..

And because the designer himself worked so hard to make it hard. Good Luck to you Li Qun.

P.S. Among the three artwork, I prefer Li Qun's more. And I shall post the other two after I take the picture tomorrow since it is not done yesterday.

Hope to see you there...


Clarisse Teagen said...

Awww.. the hanging ballies are so adorable. I shall go over there later.. hehe.

Aaron C. said...

adorable? HAHA