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Ipoh Study Trip, Day 1, 13/2/2009

So, here I am, back in Sunway after sort of a tiring long weekend in Ipoh, Perak. My second time there (with parent's permission of course, first time was back in 2006) but instead of visiting the caves, it was a trip to study the old side of Ipoh for the next assignment for Studio 3. I am now wondering why are all the trips I took since 2007 have to do with assignments. HAHA. Seriously, I have no life. HAHA... But its okay. Its fun hanging out with a bunch of friends and enjoying the trip.

On the 13th which is last Friday (woooo... Friday the 13th), we started our journey to Ipoh at 9 A.M. from college. The first stop before entering the old town was Kellie's Castle, one of the most haunted sites in Malaysia. And we had to go there on Friday the 13th. Creepy right? Nothing happened by the way. Guess the spooks were spooked by us crazy bunch of people from Studio 3. As soon as the bus stopped and we were briefed and introduced to the castle. Interesting story of why the castle was built but sadly, till today it is still not completed and I guess it never will be. But the half built structure is so beautiful. By the looks of things, if this was completed, it would have been the ultimate love gift to a woman. Such a romantic site to visit and just in time too because the next day is Valentine's day.

Left uncompleted but its just pure beauty...

Something about brick buildings which I feel is romantic. HAHA... Wish I had a girlfriend now. Can bring her here. Not for the haunting part that is. HAHA.

This is the old residence of Mr. William Kellie Smith. Its in ruins now but it still looks great. Just standing there, can feel the spirit of the place, genius loci (Not the Spirit spirit).

Back inside the Castle, I decided to explore the spaces. Lots of stories but I was safe. I love the arches in between the spaces. No cement was used in this structure. Just Duck egg whites and lime. Interesting...

Beautiful wooden windows for the bedrooms. I am surprised that the space within were actually very cooling. Even without a fan..

The present residence of Kellie's castle. HALLOOOOO!!!

Behind some old secret escape route...

See what I mean about brick works. Amazing! Breath taking!

even the ruins were nice... Ahhhh... I so need to design something this semester which looks good even if it gets destroyed. HAHA.... Lame right?

Well, here is another chilling story in Kellie's castle. Located near the castle is this tree, which has a panda looking head on the trunk.

Can see it?
And below this head is a dark secret... Don't believe? Go ask the care-taker of the place. He will be glad to show you the mystery of the tree. HAHA.. And I shall not reveal it because, it will just ruin the fun of visiting the place. Right?

Here are some random shots..

Daphne kissing the nose of the Panda head.

And me just trying to be funny.... Guess not...

So decided to take a normal shot instead.

Posers on the castle.

Posers beneath a tree near the castle... It was a super hot and sunny day.. Coulnt even open my eyes when taking the photo... By the way, on my left is Kiet Yeang and on my right is Daphne (for those who don't know them) HAHA.

One last look at the castle then we were off for lunch in Ipoh...
Back on the bus.......

Reach Ipoh at 2 P.M. and we went for lunch somewhere in the Ipoh... Forgot the name of the place.
But but but.....

We had what Ipoh was famous for.....

AND ITS.....

Chicken Rice with bean sprouts for LUNCH!!!! WOhooooooo...... Tasted great though but its like RM 8 a person. The most expensive chicken rice I taken ever..

After lunch, we checked into a lovely hotel, the Majestic Station hotel, located within an old Colonial structure which is next to the train station. But looks can be deceiving. The rooms are not as nice but the who can complain? It is a beautiful building though.

The Majestic Station hotel.... The place we stayed at.

In the afternoon, we were given the liberty to walk around Ipoh on our own. We were given the potential zones for our assignments so off we went to explore the place. I find that for this studio, we were given lots of liberty. No tight schedules. But, its our own responsibility to know the place. It was entertaining.... Walking with my group which consists of me, Huei Liq, Kiet Yeang, Lip Khai, Ah Yang, Gordon and Chong Wai.

Some old shop houses...

Saint Michael Church, Ipoh..

While we were walking, we went to this park with a swimming pool for children and this park doubles as a food court, something like a mamak stall.

This is the place. I wonder why does Ipoh have so many nice places to visit but it is so dead... Maybe thats why the lecturers chose this town for us to regenerate..

After walking for the whole day, it was time to go back to the hotel and shower before heading out again for dinner.

The streets of Ipoh old town at night.

With some interesting back alley's to look into.

And for dinner?
Another local favourite,

the "Hor Fun"

So niceee..... Delicious I tell you! I love "kuah Tiaw" or "Hor Fun", whatever you call it.....

Thats that for day 1... Day 2 coming up when I am slightly free-er. So look out for it.

Part 2, to be continued....

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