Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines all.....

Yes, when you read this, I am still in Ipoh. So this must mean I wrote it sometime before I left for Ipoh for Valentines weekend with my whole Studio 3 batch and we are all celebrating the date together (though some don't want to go because of obvious reasons). HAHA.

Well, to all those out there who is celebrating with your love ones whether it be your spouce or if its your boyfriend or girlfriend, Happy Romanticising! Be glad that you are together on this special occasion. As for those who are celebrating being a single. Your time will come. To those who just broke up or broke up how many months ago and I don't know, well, you will find the right one someday. Don't be sad.

To my family, Love you all.

And to my possible valentine (I don't have one. Anyone interested? Comment in the comment box. If you shy, just e-mail me. My email address is......... And I promise, I will keep it a secret. HAHA). Wanna be my Valentine?

Blerks.... By the way. I am guessing that I am having lots of fun in Ipoh now with my friends. Pray for me ya. Stupid political issues in Perak at the moment. If i am not mistaken, by now, I would have visited Kelly's castle.

Will, look out for updates. Will be back tomorrow with lots of pictures and tiredness. HAHA..

Happy Valentines day!!

Roses for all the pretty readers..... :)


Victor said...

Happy Valentines day!~~
So How's you valentine??

Aaron C. said...

u will see it soon. Haha.. Working on the updates.

-Sherm- said...

i dowan the rose..

paiseh la..

Aaron C. said...

pretty readers means gal readers... i didnt know u feel u r pretty. haha.