Friday, March 20, 2009

4 guys and their new haircut

Yes, I finally joined the "I cut my hair in March Club" joining, Ellie, Sherman, Darren, Daphne and many others who decided to get their hair cut from out of the blue. Joining me are Aaron L, Clement, and Li Qun. The only reason I went was because it only cost me RM5 to get my hair cut, washed and styled, however, the catch is, it is at the A Cut Above Academy. Yep yep and our hair is cut by the students themselves. Risky-nye.. Our fears were

Quote Clement,
"4 guys stepped into the A Cut Above Academy not knowing what was installed for them.
Bringing their discount coupons and in need for more air to "fill their brain", literally, to chop off all those messy, tangling and thick hair."

Our fears were all relieved after we saw the results of the styles the Hair-stylists gave us. From the raggy-geeky looks to......

Aaron L and his new haircut.

Me and mine....

Clement's looked like his normal hairstyle so he didn't take a picture of himself.

Aaron L and Aaron C were happy with their new hairstyle that they decided to pose for the camera.

And finally, the last one to finish.....

Mr. Li Qun turned into a ROCKER.

"Hey Babe. I am single. Interested?"

HAHA. Well, we need to thank Clement for giving us the RM5 coupons. So rating my hair cut as 9/10 satisfied the missing one is that it took me 45 minutes to get this haircut. But in the end. I have a new LOOK (for the next few days I think) and am happy with it. By the way, to all hairstylist out there, do not cut Li Qun's hair and Aaron L's hair unless you are very pro. Remember their faces.
Reason behind it is...
1. Endless calls and distractions ( Li Qun)
2. Both these people goes fishing when they got their hair cut. So unless you say you are creating a "New" look. Then these two will be marvellous.
Hairstylist: *snip snip snip*
Li Qun / Aaron L: *start dozing off*
Hairstylist continues to cut and suddenly the clients head fished, *snip*: "Aiks. Haiya, nevermind la. New hairstyle."

Okay. Back to studioing. Ciaoz. Do comment on my new look. HAHA.


tin said...

nvr know guys can camwhore too
but not bad la new look ;p

pinknerd said...

haha, that was funny :D

Aaron C. said...

Ohhh... Guys do camwhore. HAHAHA... Thanks la tin. And Najat, NOT FUNNY!

Petra said...

Thanks for adding me to you blogroll. Nice haircut. Hugs from Peru,

Aaron C. said...

No problem. I find your blog interesting. Thx for writing and visiting.