Tuesday, March 17, 2009

To someone special....

Wait wait... No, she is not my girlfriend... To those who don't know, this is my sister (not biological though, but we act as if we are.), Louisa. And the reason I wrote this post is because its her birthday and I promise not to ever forget her's after certain incidents in the past. Oops, I know, I am a terrible bro. *But on that same year, she forgotten about mine for the same reasons.*


So first of all I would like to wish her a very Happy 19th Birthday!!! I am stressing on the 19 because its your last year being a "teen", though in my heart, you will always be the little girl I got to know 5 years ago.

You have been my little sis for 5 years! My gosh, that IS long. HAHA.

You are always there for me. Through my ups and downs, lefts and rights. And I love you for that (sibling love okay...) And yes, you always try to look more mature than me but sorry little girl, no matter what you do or say, you will forever be a little girl to me.

I am really Thankful to God for sending a little sister like you into my life (Seriously. We met at a youth camp 5 years ago.). Why? Because I never had a sister in my life.

But it is funny in a way how God arrange things in life. I am from a family of 4 boys and you, from a family of 5 girls. Maybe that is why we understand each other so well. HAHA.

Thanks for all the fun times we had. Yes, I do miss those days when we had time to go out and chill. Especially with the gals with all the chatter, squeals and laughter.

Oh ya, to John:
*Serious tone* Hem hem.. Do look after Louisa well ya. I know you will.
Oh ya, don't feed her too much or else I will get a earful on how she gained weight. HAHA.

I know, you will be "aww-ing" and "Haih, this Aaron." Or "I am going to get Back at him someday."

But I just need to let you know that I miss you and Love you with all my heart. I really want to thank you for being a part of my Life as my little sister. A little angel who always is there to push me and encourage me. And as we slowly grow older and more mature, I hope we will continue to be as close as we are now (John, dont't worry. I won't snatch her away from you. I promise.)

Going to end this post with a shout.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU LOVELY! May God bless you with all the love, wisdom and encouragement you need. And may you have a wonderful birthday with your sisters and friends in Melbourne!

P.S. I know I still owe you your birthday present. Well, wait till you go back to Sibu. We go for cheesecake and a cup of hot coffee. HAHA.... God bless you sis. *Hugs*

P.S. 2 I don't usually do this for anyone. HAHA.

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Louisa T said...

Thanks bro, and i mean it..though i'm reli, reli reli dead beat now, i cant help but urged myself to start my lappie, and to see wat u had in store for me, and u noe wat? i'm amazed, and very very touched with wat u did..that was exceptionally thoughtful and suprising(except the fact tat it jz hit me tat i'm QUITE a camwhore, all those pics LOL)..k, i have like so much to tell u, but again, i'm jz tired..thanks for calling and u gotta b the best non-biological bro in the world.HUGS, thanks bro and do take care..catch up with u soon!