Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour... Hmmmmmm......

From KLCC, we took the LRT down to Dang Wangi to get to Cap Square for the Earth Hour event and also to view the K.L. Design Week exhibition there. Okay, just to clear things up. I support Earth but I don't support the event. Darren written his view on his blog and Sherman and Daphne have been trying to bombard and debate against me. So to end this. We have our own views on the situation and the event. You want to tell me that it is to show awareness to the people in Malaysia, I do understand that. They had to do publicity stunts like the concert and the candles and the walk of hope or whatever it is called and I accept that. But are you trying to tell me that we have to sacrifice energy and the planet before fighting for the cause? Okay, okay... Will show you what I mean as you read down.

So these are the buddies I hanged out with at Earth Hour. Like I said, I don't support. Its just another event just to hang out with my friends and take photographs. Yes, I am insensitive so deal with it.

Reaching Cap Square, they had a Bazaar where they sell things and use plastic bags and all (very environmental indeed) and also, music was blasting and to my surprise, there was a concert going on. And the best part was....

They were lighting candles and putting it in paper cups. Now correct me if I am wrong but by turning off the lights for one hour, and wasting paper cups and lighting candles is so eco-friendly indeed. And you know what, the paper cups are not even recycled paper cups. Oh come on, the irony of the event.

Look how many PAPER CUPS used!!!

Besides that, after the lights were off at 830pm, the party continues. I was imagining electricless performances but I was wrong, the electronics were still on. So, usually turn on just the lights, today we turn off, we use it for the P.A. System loo... Fair enough (get my point???) And during the performances, the organizers were giving out free rubberbands in support of Earth Hour and everyone were rushing, literally up the stage to snatch the bands. Imagine if they gave out 100 bands, then in one week, after the event, it all ends up at the rubbish dump somewhere in Malaysia ( how is this helping the environment again?? Please enlighten me.)

And yes, lets not forget,

The hundreds and hundreds of paper cups and candles to create the number 60 in conjunction of earth hour.

And the best part was, Malaysian being Malaysians, after 930 pm, when the event is over, and the lights are back on, everyone forgotten the purpose of the event and just left their paper cups everywhere. And the organisers have to clean up of course. Creating awareness? How? People are just treating it like another party. A "reason" for celebration. Seriously pointless I tell you. Yes, yes, Learn learn learn, the organisers must learn, the people must learn. We all need to learn.
And for me, I didn't hold a cup, I just took pictures. So in a way, I didn't support the event. I supported earth by not getting the rubber band and by not holding up a cup with the candle. That is how I support earth in a way. Disagree if you want. But in the end.. Think about it... How did it benefit the earth by turning the lights off for one hour and create more waste Instead...... But Thanks for trying then...

I did have fun. Having fun watching the performances and fell in love with a song.

Here is My Home by the Malaysian Artistes for Unity. Seem to fall in love with local music after every event. Which is good. They are getting better and better. I am indeed proud of our local artists. But somehow, the radio stations don't reeally promote their music.

So here is the Fire-breathing show at Earth Hour.

Well, Have a great week ahead.


Anonymous said...

hobart city was really bright..... coz no one really cared about it, even tho the posters were everywhere.. haha..
thanx for the post... u have jz spoken the words of many of our hearts who're sick of hearing the benefits of turning your lights off.... >.< haha

Aaron C. said...

Thank you. HAHA....