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SABD Orientation day yet again at Central Market a.k.a. Pasar Seni, 28/2/2009

Wasn't suppose to be at this orientation event but since my groupmates were busy and I felt like it, decided to go help out with the SABD degree students March intake of 2009 Orientation day (or is it February intake? Hmmm). By the way, before you continue reading on, let me first warn you that this is a very long post. So before you curse me for putting so many pictures, I am warning you now. But it is a must read for those who went. Who knows, your candid shots might just appear here. Especially Felix who posed the most for the camera.

To start off the post, some decided to meet at college at 815 to catch the KTM to Kuala Lumpur station. My intitial plan was to follow Darren down but the bugger overslept so I had to go myself since he said he will catch the next train. So I got my ticket and little did I know, Jun Win, Li Hui, Aiman (F), and all the juniors were at the station waiting for the train. And guess what? I saw most of the newbies at the Orientation night event the previous night. Maybe you can spot them in the pictures.

Reaching the station, the juniors were quiet while the "seniors" were rowdy as usual. Walked a short distance to Pasar Seni and met up with the rest. Basically, this batch is not as big as the foundation batch.

Look at the details... My gosh, so lifelike..

But it doesn't matter. We, the seniors just need to show them a good time and introduce them to the council a bit.

Jonathan was the person in charge for the activities of the day.

Ki Jun and Yan Ying... Helpers.

YShuian... my first candid victim for the day.

Rachel... One of the degree student who helped out for this event.

For the ice-breaking, instead of the M&Ms, this time, they asked everyone to take off a shoe and throw it at the center of the room.

After that?

The helpers had to choose a couple of shoes and these will become their first group for the day.

The juniors were then asked to find their missing shoe and get to know their ice-breaking leaders.

Felix introducing himself to his group.

Some shots of the moment.....

After getting to their each other, they were put to a test of teamwork.
The leaders had to join in as well.

The train game..

Not as easy as it looks. Someone asked if we studied urban planning. The reason was because the numbers arranged on the floor was so tough that it created funny scenes for the camera.

Say cheese.....

After completion, group pictures.

Looks like a fun batch of people.

Some cam-whoring moments...

Man, this is a weird pose of me, I really need a new hair-cut...

Trying to look innocent. Failed..

After the Ice-breaking games, it was time to regroup and time for the seniors to bring their juniors around K.L. or specific sites. I followed the group going to Masjid Jamek and Dataran Merdeka.

The day was so hot, had to get a slurpee at a near-by 7/11. We allowed our group to wander off themselves to find materials for thier street furniture. So while the juniors work, the seniors shall play.

Oh ya. Najat followed us out too. Another victim of candid shots. HAHA. Grrrrrr.....

Back at central market at 1245 P.M., decided to walk to the Mini Chicken exhibition and took some pictures of these cuties.

Feel like eating Chicken? One of this Cuties cost up to rm5000. My gosh, just for a chicken. Let me introduce you to this mini chicken. This little dude is a species of chickens known as the Ayam Serama Malaysia. It is the smallest species of chicken in the world. Oh yea, did I mention that these chickens are cam-whorers? Don't believe, *Click* to read. For those who can't understand malay, it basically says that these chickens puff up their feathers when they see the lens flare or flash. To show off their feathers.

Yea babe... Show off for the camera..... Oh one more info, they are selling these to increase the number of these chickens because they are at the point of extinction.

Okay okay.. Back to the Orientation... Chickens later...

The juniors were given materials to design their own street furniture then as usual, to present their design after the time given.

Aiman, one of the photographers of the day.

Look at what is in her hands. A beer can.... Hem hem..

Felix..... Next victim of candid shots.

And whose naughty hands are these?

Its Marie!

Next victim.. HAHA... I love candid shots.

Time is short. Work fast, work smart...

Another shot of Felix with his "Arm pit" leaves?

For those who watched Russel Peters. This is Darren's F*ck Face.

Hmmm.... Picture of a picture. The picture was taken by Li Hui.

The presentation of the designs were done at 3 P.M. and everyone gathered around to listen to what the other groups came up with. Interesting stuff.

Group Pictures... With their design. Oh ya, i am missing one group photo because Najat was pushing me to take other groups first because we were running out of time.

Looks like a fun batch of people.

And finally, a group picture....


Okay, time for me to get back to assignments.... I know this post is long and might not be organised but I am in a hurry to get it up. For those who wants the photos, just e-mail me at or leave your email address on my comment box so we can discuss how I am to give you the pictures. Kudos to those who organise this event. Till the next post. Ciaoz..

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