Monday, March 23, 2009

TCPJ Campus Day, 22/3/2009

I was working yesterday. On a Sunday. At college. As... A photographer. Okay, enough with the short sentences. Yesterday, I "volunteered" to be a helper/photographer for TCPJ's Campus day with a Wai Sie, Li Qun, Darren, Hau Yee, Najat, Chong Wai, Aaron L and Benjamin. The last three mentioned were working with me as photographers while the rest were to give parents a tour of the college and see the respective classes, studios, etc. the students will be using. And for the photographers, we were to take pictures of parents and their children when they came, and then rush to develope their pictures and then later pass it to them after it was developed. Sounds like an easy job? Yes and no. Yes because it was fun, snapping photos then developing it then looking for them after the pictures are developed but doing this for 8 hours gets a bit redundant and boring in the end.

While working, don't forget to service with a smile.

The redundancy of the day was saying: "Good morning, would you like a complimentary photo by Taylors. It is like a souvenir for visiting the Campus day." But, it was great to see how some reacted and were willing to let us snap a photo of them. Some just didn't bother. *Getting rejected hurts...* HAHA... Just joking. I am getting paid for rejection anyway...

After taking their photographs, there were then escorted into the Multi-purpose hall to enquire about the courses they were interested in then later were given a Tour (if they wanted) of the campus.
Here are some scenes in the Hall.

Need help? Find these counsellors. They will brief you on the courses you are interested in.

Some parents did approach us and ask us about how the college was and all. All we could do was to be honest and voiced out opinion. Taylors is a good college but its not 100% perfect. Every institution have their flaws. Besides, its not where you graduate, its about your passion in learning and how you plan your future. * I sound like I am promoting the college* HAHA.... Hopefully someone from the head office sees this. *hem hem promoting reward Hem Hem*.

Well, the day went pretty well. Thanks to the DJ who playes some awesome music to entertain us standing outside the hall. Got to know him a bit. But I forgotten his name. So if anyone recognise him or if the DJ reads this post. Do comment on it, intro yourself.

*Rip it up mr. DJ.*

But the best part was to be able to hang out with friends and seeing them doing stupid poses. But its a must keep.

Super posers. *From left: Hau Yee, Najat, Jason, Darren, Li Qun, Wai Sie and ermm.. forgot his name already but he is from SABD too.

Wai Sie and Hau Yee after coming back from giving a tour.

Random moments captured on camera.

And the best part about working is that, you get to know new faces and making new friends.

Ermmm... Not going to tag any incase name wrong. HAHA.. *Paiseh...*

But at the end of the day....
Its just great fun..... So pose for the camera...


Hospitality And Tourism...


Taylors Design School.

And not forgetting,

SABD- School Of Architecture, Building and Design.

Oh ya... don''t forget the staff.

Who worked so hard and were tired but still willing to pose for the camera.

After working from 9 A.M. till 530 P.M. and getting our pay which is RM40 (I know, its not much), the People in Black cam-whored in front of the college.

We are cool people...

And after chilling on the steps for half an hour, the gang decided to go to Ampang look-out-point to watch the sunset and maybe grab something to eat. Wai Sie and Chong wai had to go home first but replacing them were Gordon and Sherman who were doing work in the Digital Lab.

This shows how tired we were.

Reached the peak of the look-out-point just in time to get these shots. Me love the sunset.
Ampang Lookout Point

Ampang Lookout Point

Ampang Lookout Point

But then, my battery went dead so had to resort to using my compact camera. But i still managed to take a nice shot of Kuala Lumpur at night.

KL City at night

That is all for this post. Well, lets see.. Work for 8 hours earn RM40, 3 hours later, spent RM20.. Arghhhh..... Money is hard to save....
Well, for those who want the photos, just contact me at or just comment on the comment box and I will send the photos to you.

Have a great week ahead.. Kudos


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