Friday, March 27, 2009

What has been going on????

Thank goodness the week is over and the weekends are here. Had our studio's interim session yesterday and boy was it an insight on what I need to do next. I spent the past few days staying awake to complete most of my plans and drawings. Let me see, I didn't even get a wink of sleep from Wednesday morning till Thursday 6 p.m. Talk about an Archi students life. Slept from 6 p.m. yesterday till 8 a.m. this morning. And guess what? I still have my migraine.

Well, today, went for futsal with a bunch of friends. It was a friendly game between Studio 3 and Studio 4. It was great to be able to sweat all the months of stress out. I guess everyone enjoyed it and also acquired one injury or another. Even the girls joined in and had a match on their own. Then they joined us guys and it was a funny scene to watch.

So, I plan to have a wonderful weekend. Planning to visit some of the exhibitions being held around K.L. in conjunction with K.L. Design week. Anyone interested? If you want more information of this, you can view their website And also the gang plans to go for an outing for tommorow's Earth hour thing. Honestly, I don't really understand how this works. How can turning off the lights for an hour make a difference? Ahh well.

Oh yea, thank you Jess for the "lovely" post on yours truly. If you guys are wondering what I am talking about, *click here*. Not funny okay.... Well, laugh it all out.

I was not angry okay...Just tired.... And boy do I look ugly if I go bald one day...
But anyway... Thank you Jess for the enlightening post on me.. :)
Have a good weekend everyone!!!!

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