Saturday, April 4, 2009

Birthday Party at Summers

Well, today is two of my friend's birthday.

Yep. Its Mr Monkey King and Miss Bamboo's birthday.


So since their birthday is on a Friday and we have no class on Fridays, we decided to celebrate their birthdays last night. So we planned the day before yesterday and well, lets say the plan was kind of successful. Me and Gordon went to pyramid at 530 p.m. to get Darren's gift. Yes, we knew what he wanted. We really need to thank Gordon whom finally managed to find the Gift. Want to know what it was Darren really wanted? It's a digimon. No, not the new one. Its the old one we all played when we were in primary school back in 1990's or somewhere there. Well, yea. It basically is an antique because Bandai don't produce these anymore.

Yea, this is how it looks like. We got version four for him.

And here is his reaction when he opened his gift. His reactions are super happy. Reminded me of their "party" last year when we took pictures of their reactions when opening their gifts.

What about Wai Sie? Well, she was treated to a shopping spree and to find her favorite dress. We didnt follow her because we wanted to make the dinner a sort of a surprise thing. So Gordon and I headed to buy the cake and reserve a spot at the restaurant and wait for the rest to turn up. So we waited there for an hour before everyone turned up. And the party began... We decided to have a steamboat buffet party and there were almost 20 people at the party. We didn't go to Yuan. Gordon and Daphne introduced us to a place called "Summer" and it is right opposite Yuan and let me tell you... Its 10 times better than Yuan. Quiet atmosphere and all we can eat grilled lamb!!!

Well, here are the pictures. We really had fun talking and just eating.

The steaming hotpot with 4 different type of soups..... Top one is "MA LA" and "Ton Yam" Bottom one is "Qing Tang" and some "Yao Chai"(herbal) soup.

Picture time!

Some candid shots.

More pictures.....

More candids....

And more cam-whoring and posing.

Oh yea... Beef and "Mala" , delicious weiii..... The food there is super fresh, especially the red meats.

Of course, the typical fishballs or what the rest call it "flour" we put in the soup.

After deserts, we decided to bring out the cake before anyone is too stuffed to eat the cake.
Cake from "Cake Sense" at SS15.
Well, there are some shots before these pictures but not with my camera. So have to wait till I get the pictures. Super funny I tell you. I was holding the cake about a meter away and asked them to blow out the candles. Mean, but super funny.

Happy Birthday Monkey King & Bamboo...

After they managed to blow out the candles, it was cutting the cake time.

And of course, the tradition of pulling out the candle from the cake with your mouth..

Time to cut the cake and "MAKAN"!

Gordon:"Wah, so full!"

What is left of the cake..... We eventually finished it. Blueberry Yogurt cake.... Mmmmm~~~ No chocolate this time because there were some with sore-throat.

Birthday Girl eating cake.

Benjamin wishes there were more cake. Sulking there.

He wanted it so badly that he wanted to lick the camera. "NO, Benjamin. NO!"

Everyone with their full stomach.

Some more candid Shots!

Then finally a group picture.

After dinner, we hung out on the roof of the building. Just chit chatting and chilling. From all the stress and worries, we learned that we have to chill hard if we work hard.

Li Qun and his bowl of Ice-cream....

He was so high, he wanted to fly to the moon.

Some random shots on the roof.

Well, we were there from 630 p.m. till 11 p.m. Not bad. We were all full, happy and satisfied. And the price, RM 19.80 a person. Not bad considering the amount of food we consumed that night. Well, just hope we made the two birthday people happy enough for their special day. Well, another birthday shoutout to them.


Oh yea. Ben was still hungry... Someone get something for him to eat! HAHAHA....
Well, the weekend is here. I am so going to visit the art exhibitions which I missed out last Saturday. Have a great weekend everyone!


Blu3_Darren said...

Hey dude! Really thanks a lot for all of these!
I really happy and appreciate it! hOpe you guys had fun as well!

Aaron C. said...

Yep yep. We did. HAHA.. Happy Birthday dude...