Thursday, April 2, 2009

I feel poetic today....

This sucks... I suddenly feel the urge of being poetic... Something is bothering me so much and these words keep popping up... "Where are you? I am here waiting.." I wonder what my mind is asking me to think about. Hmmmmm... Poetics poetics poetics.... It is not emo-ism okay.. Emoism is when I will type:"Life is so dead. Where are you now? Why have you left me?". LOL.

But I am not thinking about that. So what is it? *Pondering*. Well, the new girlfriend is calling out to me. She is turning out nicely. Just gave her plenty of thoughts and gave her new "clothes". HAHA.... Yes yes, this girlfriend is not a person. She is Studio 3 final assignment. But she is giving me a hell of a headache and isomia. Cannot stop thinking about her... But thank goodness. Another 1 and a half months and I can end this relationship in peace. She is better than my ex though. She is bigger but I must say, she looks sexier... (I think I need to stop thinking that my work is my GF. Its kind of disturbing I know.) HAHA.... Well, ! and a half month to go.. Haven't find a firm to work for this semester break and haven't made my decision on which Uni I want to further my studies oo. I wish life wasn't so complicated. I wish love was not so complicated... But that is how life is and that is what I shall bear with for now.

So here is the freaking reason for this post. Another so called poem. By me.

Sitting in this room,
feeling all dark and gloom.
In one hand a heart,
And the other a dart.

So what is this dart,
going to do with this lonely heart?
But is it truely a lonely heart?
Or just a wandering heart.

The dart represents the world,
the one with makes one curl.
It always seem cruel,
But actually wonderful.

Where am I?
Such a miserable I.

Outside strong,
But insides weak.
I must find my stength,
no matter how long the length.

It is time,
It IS time.
To just go find,
this lost time of mine.

Till time shines,
and the Sun shines.
I am here.
All dark and gloom.

With these thoughts,
Where are you?
I am here.
Waiting for?

Okay... Fine... It sounds emo and wrong in a way... What am I saying. Yes, this shall be the sociopath side of me speaking. HAHA... Well, time to go to college.. For another "FUN" filled day... I am gloom... Say hi to me...

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