Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'm Back in Sibu yo...

Guess where I am?

Yes, I am home! Oh, for some who don't know, my hometown is in Sibu, Sarawak. You can either read it from my previous posts or you can wait till I rewrite and reintroduce the small town I call home.

The flight back was okay. The skies were clear and the clouds were just magnificent. So why not take the opportunity and take some wonderful above ground shots right? Its not everyday that I get to fly. I was lucky I got the whole row to myself thanks to some mistakes made by the ground staff. Airasia, what can I say.... Nothing... however, I was surprised that they assign seats for you nowadays. See how ignorant I am when I am busy with work.

And... After 1 1/2 hours...

I sigh... Why? Because I am back in Sarawak, and that, I think is the mouth of the Mighty Rejang River..

And from the skies, I feel like I am back in my comfort zone.

Food, rest, then work... Yes, I will have to complete 2 months of industrial training this holiday. Oh well, I am going to make sure my schedule is full with photography sessions with some of the bloggers/photographers in Sibu. Anyone want to meet up with me? Just send me an email. I will be in Sibu till end of July..
The JOY!!!

AND of course...



Ham said...

now go eat all the kampua u can b4 i get bk n finish it all up for u (the halal ones of course haha)

Aaron C said...

yoooo.. When are you back man?

Sheena said...

Hi Aaron,

Great to see you at church today!Like you i look forward to going home...for food of course and the people too.

See you after two weeks.
Hmmm i might just take some photos of kl from the airplane this friday...and compare whose hometown looks better:)

Sweet blessings
Sheena Jeremiah

peter said...


Aaron C. said...

HAHA.. Sheena, I have been staying in ur hometown for a few years.. Both hometown have their beauty. So, yea, ur hometown is my hometown as my hometown is ur hometown.. lol.

Aaron C. said...

No peter, I made a plan.. Lose at least 10kg this hols. Hope i Succeed. MUAHAHAHHAA