Monday, August 24, 2009

Me and my polodrized moments is back....

Finally got the programme to work by installing the new Poladroid so I am sort of back in business. Not sure if it is going to continue as a daily thing so lets just see how the schedule goes, shall we.

Went on a site visit/analysis on Saturday with the Studio (bridge) gang at Jalan Raja Chulan. How convenient, the lecturers for Studio 4 and I.P. chose the same area for the final project. Not the same site, just the same area.

The current site for Studio 4 is located near Chulan Square and Pavillion is right at the end of the street. Good aye? Can look for excuses to go down to the city. "I have to go analyse site." Actually, just hanging around Pavillion and doing nothing. Just kidding la. I am not the type who goes shopping or hang around doing nothing.
Reading the compass.... North of the site... Facing.....

A contruction site.

Which is next to the LTAT which stands for the Lembaga Tabung Angkatan Tentera. Even the military needs a piggy bank.. Such a big one too.

Well, after the analysis, we headed for Pavillion for lunch and while we were walking, we saw this artist whose art are all done in colour pencils.
Can you believe this was done using "LUNA" colour pencils?

Well, you have to see it yourselves.

The artist's name is Hasren Ismail a.k.a. Uneh (unik+aneh= Unique and odd/weird-in English) and is known for using colour pencils for his art work. Currently, he is known as the King of Colour Pencils in Malaysia. For me, I love his abstract art done with Colour Pencils. For an A1 piece, it will take him approx. 3 working days and the quality.. Well, you have to see it for yourselves during his exhibition at the National Art gallery some time in October, which is after Raya. If you are an art enthusiast and wish to view his art, you can check it out on his webpage, or for more details.

He talked to us for quite a bit on his research and his life work. He is actually a graduate in librarian sciences but he decided to go full time in art. Good on you man. Well, please do support him at his next exhibition. I know I will try my best to go if my schedule is good.

Jasmines..... I think... Nice smelling flower I found by the streets of K.L. Lovely isn't it?
And yes, I plucked it because it was just too lovely.

Oh yea... Around the area... there are lots of nice car... And this was one of them. Wooooooooo.....
Lets see where the future takes me...

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