Thursday, August 13, 2009

Of college works and updates

Finally, I am home and am able to sleep on my bed! Wohoo... So happy. Assignment 1 for Studio 4 has finally ended. The crit? I don't know. I am just glad it is over. Assignment started straight away on the first day of class. From going down to K.L. to find a pedestrian bridge to redesigning one.
Qian Pei figuring the structures for the bridge

Last weekend, we had to rush to finish our bridge model before we start our bench designs. So the group met in college on Friday to start on the final design. For 2 nights we rushed the model and though we had lots of problems, we finally managed to complete the whole thing by Sunday night.
Darren hard at work


(Studio craziness)

3D renderings of the Bridge done by Li Qun and Gordon

And my rendering on my furniture.

So here is one reason why engineers design bridges and not architects (my conclusion that is).. The designs we come up with, may or may not work in real life.
Model of my group's bridge.

And models of the other groups'model.
I think out of all these (including my group's), only one is buildable.

Well, I can't say how the presentation was, but I am just happy that it is all over and done.
Yesterday was also the recruitment drive for all the clubs at Taylors P.J., luckily I brought my camera to capture some of the scenes.

Man, life is getting harder by the hour or maybe can say by the minute. Constantly we are busy with one thing or another. And also filled with so many things to figure out and complete. Tuesdays are meeting days and also sort of a Submission day each week. Intergrated Project is fun because the lecturers act like our clients in the real world and we have to think of ways to win the project. Ok... assignment 1 for studio is over. Hopefully my engines have been started so I can work smoothly this semester.... Slept well, now is back to some other works.... Enjoy your week people.. Sorry of the lack of update.


peter said...

marvelous arch models

~"~::纯晶::~"~ said...

yeah!! check out unite life club!!

hahaaa.. Hamster^^ thanks a lot lot for those pics ooo!!!

Aaron C. said...

Thanks peter...

Jess... I AM NOT A HAMSTER!!!!

~"~::纯晶::~"~ said...


wahahaa.. hamster soooo cute and adorable~~ WHAT'S WRONG to be hamster?? hahaa

Flo Flo said...

halo, i drop by from benny's blog. I think the designs for pedestrian bridges are awesome and futuristic BUT for some of them, no pedestrians will use it if they are given choices.

Reason is because the stairs are too FREAKING MANY! By the time they reach the top, they'll be out of breath. Even looking at the stairs make one tired. Why cant someone make lifts / elevators instead of using stairs? (p/s: if ANYONE decides to do that in the next assignment, copyright of idea is mine! :P)

all the best!

Aaron C. said...

Jess: Ermmmm... I dunno.. Hamster sounds too... Small. HAHAHA...

Flo FLo: Hi, welcome. Well, the reason why we cant use lift is one, it cost too much, 2. DBKL is freaking cheap so I guess they wont spend money on pedestrian bridges like that. 3. We will get screwed by our lecturers if we put elevators because to them, its just pure impractical. HAHA. But thanks for your 2 cents.

~"~::纯晶::~"~ said...

hahaaa.. okkk.. hamster~~~~~~~~