Friday, August 7, 2009

One Thousand Roses....

One thousand roses blooming under the sun.
A vast field of roses I see.
Nine hundred ninety nine white roses,
and you, the red rose, lay randomly among them.

You stood out when the others didn't.
You bloomed more radiant than the the others did.
All are beautiful,
but they were none like you.

You're the one who gets my heart pumping,
You're the one who makes me blush.
You're the one who makes things seem beautiful,
because you make me smile.

Day by day I wonder,
Day by day I ponder.
Where among the random are you?
Where among the random can I see?

Shall I search high and low?
Or are you right in front of me?
Maybe I am blind,
because its not my time.

I do hope I will meet you one day,
I guess that day will be random.
For time is unsure but when it is sure,
Then I will save you from the random.

One Thousand Roses.......

Aaron C


Ham said...

beautifully put.

i could play it out with the acoustic guitar, makes a great slow summer hazy song

boonboon2k2 said...

nice one ..
i like it....
somebody inspired you or it just came?

Aaron C. said...

Ham: Cool. write it, then record it and send to me.

Boon: a mixture of both i guess