Sunday, August 30, 2009

Speechless. It's just too beautiful.

*For this post, guys, please prepare tissue paper to absorb your saliva. Girls, sorry ya, Boys' Toys.*

Friday's trip down to K.L. City was well, as the others call it, an "orgasmic" one. No, no, I don't mean sexually. Well, it will be explained while you continue reading.
Beauty of K.L. on a clear sky day....
The day was nice. The sky was cloudy but cooling. Best day to go site visiting and analysis. But before we headed down, we side-tracked to some interesting places for precedents studies. And the first spot was....
HARLEY-DAVIDSON showroom... *nose bleed*

Went inside. Looked around then decided to ask them if they can show us around and guess what! Without hesitation, the guy whom we asked said yes! And better still, the sales manager followed and took us on a short tour and allowed us to question him about the clients, bikers, bikes, events and etc. Damn cool people. AND THATS NOT ALL!!! THEY GAVE OUR GROUP 2 BOOKS - 100 years of Harley Davidson. Damn... But Darren and Ben took it. Ben promised to scan every page and put it in a CD for me or else he won't get to keep the book. *evil laugh*

I loved these bikes ever since I saw the show "AMERICAN CHOPPERS" on Astro. I love the muscular sound made by the Harley. Super cool.

According to the manager:"Harley is not just about the bike. It's a lifestyle."
That is why within the showroom, there is a workshop, accessories shop, even Harley-Davidson Clothes shop and a Cafe. And the events.... International Riders do come in.

Cheapest Harley is around RM 80 000++ then plus insurance, the leather jacket, a cool Helmet, accessories, custom paint job.... Might be RM 100, 000. That like the same price for a car!

Our next stop was suppose to be the Ducati showroom but ended up at the Ferrari one first.

*sob sob* It's just so beautiful.






ENZO...... *FAINTS* Ok, being over dramatic, this was the start of the adrenaline pumping.. My gosh, BEAUTIFUL!

The heart and adrenaline continued to pump faster when we walked into the NAZA showroom to find, the one and only....


Yeng ler?

Ben was so in love with the car, he almost pengsan-ed on it. See the last picture? He says once day he shall name the care BEN.

We did reach the Ducati showroom but because the manager was so damn rude and he scolded us and the bikes were like cramped into a space, it was rather disappointing so no shots from there. These people need to learn some manners.

After a quick lunch at Subway at Pavilion, we went to the Auto Bavaria to look at the BMW bikes. Thank goodness the people there were friendly and of course, the bikes are sporty and cool compared to the Ducati but honestly, I still *heart* Harleys.


After fun, it was time to work. We had to build a site model and the zone which was picked was for my group to do was the Royal Chulan Hotel.

The sky was so beautiful that it was so hard to resist. I basically walked around this building 5 times just to take pictures so that it can help with the model making. Next week is going to be hellish. Making this model (the whole building is covered in traditional motives.)

Sky & lamp
But it was not all about the site alone. I managed to get some beautiful shots which I loved.
Beautiful flower
The flowers grown there are beautiful.

After 4 hours of analysis, we headed for a pre-"dinner" appetizer at a crappy Malaysian cafe. Right after, we decided to go to Hard Rock Cafe to try to find some "bikers" and maybe experience the space. We ended up having our dinner there due to us having to order food in order to get a table.

The guys
A kind foreigner helped us take this shot.

Onion rings!
HRC Onion rings... (Ben's)

HRC Cheese Burger
HRC Cheese Burger-Cheddar cheese and 7oz of beef (mine)

Lamb Sandwich Hard Rock Cafe Style
HRC Lamb sandwich (Gordon's)

Aaron L and Darren ordered the HRC fish and chips but I didn't manage to get a shot of it. Order the Fish and Chips with Blue Cheese Dipping. It is just so Delicious. The food was orgasmic. It was so good. I love this assignment. Because at the end of the day, we just have to tell ourselves that all we spent on was for the sake of our assignment. HAHA. (Mum & Dad, don't kill me when you read this.) Darren, Li Qun and QPei managed to talk with one of the bikers.

candle in the wind
I find it odd because, all of the places we went which celebrates the Western Culture and the tough looking people, the people there were actually very friendly. The waiters treated us like one of the bikers and their friend. Oh yea, Hard Rock Cafe is THE PLACE where Harley-Davidson Bikers usually hangout. And they have special parkings for the bikes for the owners to show off. Overall, I felt that the hospitality, service and food of Hard Rock Cafe deserves a 10/10 on my list (better than Chillies or T.G.I. Fridays on my list.)

The songs they played were all rock songs.

Too bad we couldn't stay till the starting of the live band. I so want to go back there again. But there are limitations like price and time.

Overall, it is one of the best days this year. I JUST LOVE IT!

*current dream: Get a Harley-Davidson by the time I turn 30. That will be the dream. HAHA...


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