Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Merdeka? Apa tu?

Well, it is not 31st August anymore so I guess I shall say a belated Happy Independence Day to all Malaysians though I don't really believe in the 31st thing. I am a Sarawakian so yea, independence day for my state is on the 16th September so yea, wait till then.

I have to say this so hear me out:

I am not patriotic, but I love my country. I love the peace we have but I hate the idiots who caused racial tension in this country. I love Sarawak because I guess, I seldom see any racial discrimination there unlike staying in K.L. and reading the news of the people wanting to tear down temples. I love it in Sarawak because its one of the states which accepts all religion and allow any religion to build their religious places.
I love this beautiful land but don't get me wrong, I hate staying here because of the idiots we have for politicians. It is those who runs the country who is creating so much chaos. Corruption beyond corruption, no matter the race. Drama after drama. Damn, give it a rest already! Which fucking university did all of you politicians graduate in anyway? So uncivilized. You are driving the young generation out of this country due to you idiot-ism. One reason I won't want to vote is because I don't trust in any political parties. BN, DAP, PKR, PAS-fuck you all la! DEMOCRACY, DEMOCRACY is all you can say but all I see is old farts running around yelling like children blaming each other for their idiot-ism.
Lets not forget about the media.... What happened to honesty in reporting the news. Reading your articles just make me want to puke. I can sense the lies in it. All you are after is a good story, dramatize every story you got to get readers. SHAME ON YOU!

We are such a lovely country, but due to the idiots in Parliament, the public transport sucks, the road sucks, police are all corrupt, there is racial tensions, all the local talents are flying away, never wanting to come back due to the unrest. Time to open your eyes to reality!

I just realized that the meaning of the Merdeka we used to know is long gone. I have lost the feeling of being proud of gaining independence from England... Something is so wrong here. But oh well. Happy Merdeka people!

P.s. I love this post which one of the lecturers put up. *click* hope it can be opened.

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your evil twin said...

you know, it's not only that the government officials are corrupted. so are we, the people who can afford to corrupt our nation's ingenious government officials. we finance our own country's corrupted, our power hungry politicians, in order to have a thicker wallet or infinite amounts of cash.

it's a dollar driven world, the people who runs our country are nevertheless the same. show them some notes, anything can be done. it is only our fathers to blame, our father's fathers. it is up to us to change what can be changed.

malaysia is not a poor country, it's resourceful. it's how the resource are handled which can determine the country's future.

our country is currently run by idiots who think their medieval culture is important. however, the world is changing, so is every other culture-enriched countries such as japan. the japanese have kept their culture in the loops of the ever-changing world, yet it is an accomplished country.

if nothing is to be done in the near future, malaysia will be an outcast. religious wars & the fight for money won't surprise me at all.