Sunday, September 6, 2009

Gordon's Birthday...

What was the highlight of the week? This guy's birthday, Congrats Gor, You are 21!
And yes, he is famous for pointing these 2 fingers or showing two thumbs up. His favourite word is "F**K" and he uses it to express any expression you can think of. Just imagine you ask him what is TGIF and whack his head..

Gordon: TGIF ah.. Er.. Thank God Its...
*whacks his head*
Gordon: F******CK!

Well, dude, hope you enjoyed the meal at Tony Romas with your studio gang. Oh yea, he got his wish. He managed to finish the plate of pasta he ordered. Sad day for us (because we always expect him to not finish), Happy day for him.

Back to model making..... Yawns...

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