Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Stress, stress and more STRESS!

Can You guess what is this? Well, this is something we have been doing for the past week... Guess what it is.... No prize though.
Well, this past week has been real tough especially catching up with assignment datelines. The only reason I am up now is because I just realised that I haven't done my Industrial Training report yet and I need to finish it before this friday for an interview with the Director. I am so screwed!

Well, for this studio project which is to analyse our site for the final assignment for Studio near Pavillion and am still working with the bridge team. Cool guys. Never a dull moment, especially with Darren in the group. Am glad we finished the analysis and is ready for tommorow's presentation. Hope I am prepared. Here are some of the stressed out faces. Decided to go B&W for a more dramatic effect. Comment is most welcomed. May I present, the stressed faces.

Ok, back to work work WORK!!!!

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Twin XL said...

Oh my, such stressed faces :(