Sunday, September 13, 2009

What if?

What if everything you own or you love has been taken away from you? How would you feel?
What if one day, you feel that the whole world is against you? What would you do?
What if the only person you have loved cheated on you in the worst possible way?
What if one day, you found out you have cancer?
What if one day, you found out someone you love is dying of cancer?
What if one day, after all the success you have dissapears?
What if one day, you find yourself on the streets beeging for money?
What if one day, you just lost yourself?
What if the world ends today? Now?
What if everything you expect doesn't come through?

What if?

*currently, my mind is spinning with questions which somehow, I still can't find the answers to. Why do I worry so much about things which has not happened? Why am I bottling up such pointless burdens upon myself? Hiding it in the shadows and away from the world. The questions of "what if?". What if these all end here today? That I am no longer here, that I no longer exist. I shall be a mere memory and mere imgage of the past. A deep illusion where once you are in, you can never get out. Running deep in thought, "Yes, I am studying to be an architect now. What next?" How am I going to make it all worth it and not pointless beyond pointless? What am I saying? Dillusions.....


Blu3_Darren said...

I think you think too much, old man.

Forget yesterday, coz it has passed.
Screw tomorrow, coz it never come.

What you have is today.

boonboon2k2 said...

urm , for some reason,
i had the same thought after watching Final Destination

Aaron C. said...

Scary thing is, I havent watch Final destination. Creepy huh boon?


Anonymous said...

Lovely post. Have a nice day!

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Twin XL said...

Gosh, unfortunately, I can really relate to this much unneeded stress sometimes :(