Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hau Yee's 09/09/09 Birthday at Delicious

I am 3 days late for this post, been busy rushing to finish the assignment which was due yesterday. Well, better late than never.

Lets just zoom back to 09/09/09...
-Studio submission for site analysis, precedent studies and site model.
-SIGG designs for ES class was showcased in the Gallery.

Then at 6 P.M., went to pick up the Mentari Gang which consists of Aaron L, Darren, Gordon, Yee Ruh (hope I spelt that right) and Veevian and went down to K.L. Road busy status - still okay though I missed the turn to the Smart tunnel, managed to make my way and arrive at the carpark at 7.

A slight miscommunication and 6 of us ended up in Hau Yee's car to get to Delicious, K.L., somewhere behind KLCC. But we got there.. No problem.

I been to the Delicious at Bangsar Village 2 back in January for Chinese New Year, *click* and the ambient there was great. But this one was better. Love how they used bird cages to make their lamps.

We ordered while we waited for everyone to arrive... Everything on the menu looked so good..

In the end, I ordered the smoked salmon spaghetti. Which tasted great... The saltiness of the smoked salmon compliments well with the full of cheesiness, Carbonara sauce.

L's Spicy crab meat Spaghetti. A fusion of east and west.

Jess's Carbonara Fettuccine.

Sherman's Mascarporne Pesto Chicken.
All were yummy indeed. Too bad I didn't manage to take pictures of the other dishes everyone ordered. Was too busy eating my own.

Just before everyone dug into their food, the waiter and waitress brought out the cake,
-Birthday song sung
-Birthday wish made

-Candle blown out

-Cake cut

and stabbed.

-Present opened

-Happiness achieved (We gave her a camera bag for her D-90, "The Crumpler".)

Then everyone dug into their food.

Everyone was happy. For some, it was triple happiness (Studio done, I.P. Done and good food- triple happiness).
Sherman: Eat my tie Jun Wai....

The guys...

Elaine and Ben making faces for the camera.. Boo! (Elaine, Don't kill me...)

At least one normal picture.

After dinner and cake.. Everyone looks so happy.

Some got bored.... Funny scene...

Chit chatted most of the night...

And then the tree huggers.

The gals...

The Taylor's Gang.....

Went to the movies after dinner. Watched "Imagine That" at KLCC. Slept for 15 minutes during the movie. First time weii... Okay, it was not bad but I was too tired. Quite funny, well, most movies with Eddie Murphy as the main cast always leads to COMEDY! Had a great day but had to rush my Industrial training report for Friday...

Back to Present time....
The interview was great though Tony, the director almost dozed off because I was the last one to be interviewed for the day. It was rushed but at least I got it done. This means more time to relax when I go back to Sibu for the Raya holidays. I can't wait! I MISS HOME!!!

Back to working on I.P. and also E.S.!

My thoughts of the day...
Anyone can tell me what weekends mean? I haven't had one for weeks!


IMCurtain said...

Lovely event! Dropping by...

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Twin XL said...

Looks like so much fun...& the cake looks amazing :)