Tuesday, October 27, 2009

SABD SPOoKFEST, 26/10/2009

Congratulations to the SABD Society for successfully planing and heading the SABD SPOOKFEST on the 26th October 2009! The event was (after three years in the Course) the largest and the loudest event ever organised by the SABD Society. It all started last year *click to read* when the board decided to come up with such events to give life to the faculty and it continued this year with many more participants and many more activities to see who dressed the "worst" for Halloween. Too bad today was our studio's interim and not many dressed up for the event due to stress. But I tried my best but ended up distributing sweets from a skull with bloody hands.

My Halloween buddy...
This is what sleep deprivation can lead too.

Armed with nothing but my camera phone [My camera died on me :( ], here are some of the scenes from the event today. Not many photos but please, enjoy.....

Pose People.
Serial killer
Fashion Glam
Your doom is near
Black riding hood and her white haired friend
Gorilla Michael Jackson?
What Studio did to me.

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Twin XL said...

LOVE Halloween...such a fun time of year :)