Saturday, November 14, 2009

Helping out......

This post is supposed to go up so long ago but due to my busy schedule, I only managed to post it up now. On the 4th of November, we were recruited to help save a booth which was bending beyond control by our fellow Taylorians who were showcasing it to the whole of Malaysia. In the mist of all the submissions and stress, they can't get out of this so we might as well help. That is what friends do right? Well, we went to One U shopping mall at around 230 P.M. after our lecture series to save the collapsing booth to find out that...

One of the members was sleeping on the couch... This is what happens when you don't sleep for days - You will sleep anywhere.. Even in Public.

The booth was somehow bending because of the pulling force of the bands.

"HELP US!!!" The members of the booth designers.

Before we started, we went to look at the other booths from different architecture universities in Malaysia.
How models can communicate to even children...

The only other booth (which won).. Yea, somehow there were only 2 booths designed and Taylors didn't win. Sorry guys but you all did your best and I thought you all will win.

Before we started the repairs, the team was interviewed by Taylor's "reporters".

And Li Qun was explaining about the ideas and the construction of the booth.

It took us 3 hours to fix the booth. But in the end, it works and looks the way they wanted it to look. The space and ambiance created by the booth to showcase the works of the students of SABD was very interesting. Very warm and yet witty. Let the pictures tell the story.
The two female designers of the group.

What the booth is all about.

I love this...

How the models are held and showcased.

The booth... Finally fixed.... Sorry if I promoted it too late... But overall.. I love it! HAHA... Sorry to hear you all didn't win. I know you all deserve it.

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Looks like such an interesting / fun time :)