Monday, November 16, 2009


Into the world we run,
What is ahead,
We do not know.
Young and innocent we were to think the world was all that.

3 years in the world and we are all beginning to ask ourselves.
Is this what we really want?
Is this what we want to live for?
Is this all worth the sacrifice.

Yep, that is what I have been thinking lately. Don't ask me why but something tells me that it is. Four years ago, I was in F5 worrying about which course I am going to take. 1 year in foundation year and 3 years in getting my diploma of Architecture later, I am beginning to question myself. Is it really worth the sacrifice? Burying myself in work and stress and ignoring the fact that I have friends outside of what I call my future is slowly taking its toll on me. I am suddenly feeling guilty for abandoning my friends from MUFY for 3 years and my excuse was always because I am busy. What will I do when I go overseas? Will I then forget those who were with me and by me for the past 3 years in college as I embark the challenge of the University?

As I am now sitting in front of my computer trying hard to finish my final assignment for my diploma, I am asking myself if it is all worth it. Another 3 years or so to go buddy. You willing to go the distance. I remember in my first year, a lecturer asked us, "You ready to throw away your social life? Be prepared to throw it away." 1+3 years in college, 1 failed relationship, 6 semesters of on the edge of insanity, 1 life threatening illness and many lost time.... That was my welcome to the world. Ask me if the sacrifices was all worth it, I will tell you now. Ask me in another 3 years. Then I will tell you the answer. Life is indeed a climb which we all have to face. I am way beyond my childhood years and finally realizing that life is not just 1, 2, 3... Its chaotic and ugly but yet beautiful in many ways.....

Confusing post? Well, thats how confusing life is.... Life, Love and Lost... Thats the story of life.

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Twin XL said...

A good confused state :)