Tuesday, November 17, 2009

To all my dear Sibu-ians

Please don't try too hard in getting people to visit our town. If there is nothing to see, there is nothing to see. Please don't come up with weird videos to show off our small beautiful town.
1. It is embarrassing.
2. It is a rip from the Beijing Huang Ying Ni song and I can still hear it in the background.
3. It just shows that if SMC actually Use this video, they support Piracy.
4. There is no originality.
5. The singing sucks.
6. People in facebook support.

So please.... Don't use it. AND never do it again... It makes Sibu-lang like me, VERY EMBARRASSED to say I come from here.

Here is the video... Laugh your butts off... Because I already did.


Bentuckee said...

i think the target audience is all the uncle auntie.. so not weird. they are probably very, VERY proud of this already. I'm sure you get wat I mean. blink*

Aaron C. said...

HAHAHA... Ah well....

con said...

Aaron, you're pretty much contradicting yourself.

You're saying please do not show off this video at one hand, that your're embarrased by it,
Yet at the other hand, you're like the biggest advertiser/promotor of this video in your blog and whole facebook, which is an act of actually "feeling proud" of the video.

So i would suggest you to take this video off the blog and facebook.

Unless you're afraid not enough ppl in/outside sibu get to know this video -_-

Sorry a bit harsh but i really do not enjoy seeing it been viewed by more and more ppl, by you-know-it obvious reason.


Blu3_Darren said...

HAHAHAHA This is really funny...
After reading at the comment, even funnier!

Malaysia really needs a lot of these bunch of trying too hard people, man!

Anyway, to the "con" above, you can't expect every freaking bloggers to only post the things that please you, or nice to you.

Entertaining way of promoting your hometown dude.

I enjoyed it. It made my day.

Yes, I intentionally comment this way, just wanna see how things go on.

Chloe Lau said...

just chill out please.
it's not that funny.
i won't deny that when i first saw it i closed it after the minute and brushed it off it as another joke our people are trying to pull off.
But knowing the reason behind this I would suggest you take it off your blog aaron.

Blue darren, con stated that aaron knew the reason why she didnt like it. so, i suggest you keep your trap shut. and especially with choosing a name like blu3 darren i don't think you're in the position of making fun of anyone at all. i don't want to be mean to you but you've offended a good friend of mine and i don't want to just sit and watch.

thanks. and aaron, please remove this. you know i have nothing against you but you know this is hurting people. thanks :) x

bRy`brY said...

Wow wait...so is this actually an official video to promote Sibu by SMC?

Aaron C. said...

OKay, first off, I just wanna apologize to those I think I am offending. Even if i know the reason why it is asked to take off, i didnt mention it on the post or anywhere else. 2, Yes, Chloe, I understand what you are trying to say. Darren is a close friend of mine and he is not trying to offend anyone.But I agree with what he says. I am merely posting this to express how I feel. Look, I am not offending anyone. I am just saying the video is embarrasing. I did not say who is in there cos in truth I have no idea who is in the video. Maybe if you are in sibu, you will. I am not here to please anyone but myself. SO, if you dont want to feel offended or embarrassed, you shouldnt have commented in the first place. I have enough of ppl telling me what I can or what I cant post here. Hope you understand. All of you. If you dont like what you read, dont. Just move on. Let this post slowly fade. If the people who made this video thinks its worth posting on youtube, then its worth for me to post it here. If you know these ppl, then ask them not to make the same bloody mistake in the future. You know them right? For me, i am just posting it to entertain and not offending ppl. No names were put in this post just a video. Wanna flame me, go flame whoever upload the video first.

Twin XL said...

So awesome!!!!!