Monday, March 8, 2010

Update from Melbourne

It has been awhile huh, since I last updated this blog of mine. For those who are still checking in, thanks for reading still. To update you all, I am currently at Melbourne.. Yea, I need to update the profile like a.s.a.p. I am no longer a college student of Taylors University College. I am now a Third Year Bachelor student at Melbourne University. If you are wondering how long I have been here, well, lets just say I been here for almost a month and I am glad to tell you, I am loving it. And yes, I survived the hail storm last Saturday. So here it is, a month worth of post.

I left Malaysia on the 16th Feb 2010, yes, on the 3rd day of Chinese New Year to Melbourne from LCCT at 1 am with a bunch of Taylorians, which is lucky because the wait was killing.

Friends on the same flight to Melbourne
Arriving at Melbourne airport, first group picture.

I was told that I came to Melbourne at the right time because its was the end of Summer. I did go through temperatures which reached 36-38 degrees but it was all good. For my first week in Melbourne, I stayed at my cousin's Will's place and he had a cute cute dog named Molly. A cute, active, hyper and cuddly toy poodle which I played with for the whole week and she was "tortured"/ entertained by me.

I am so thankful to Will who brought me around Melbourne City and introduced me to some places. One of my favourite places I first visited in Melbourne was Docklands which was absolutely gorgeous (I went there on a brilliant blue skied day). I feel like a little kid in a new playground. Okay, who said summer was hot? LOL... I felt that it was cold and dry.

Blue skies in the Docklands
Beautiful Docklands. Love the Architecture here.

Blue Skies in the Docklands
Blue skies+Cool Winds = Lovely summer day out.

What I love about summer is that it's the final few moments where you can still catch some beautiful and most stunning flowers around. I didn't really take many floral photography because I didn't bring my camera out often.. But hopefully I will soon... Here are some for the moment.

Last days of Summer in Melbourne
Beautiful White
Last days of Summer in Melbourne

By the way, the city is beautiful. Clean, air is fresh, people are friendly (most of them that is) and etc....

Not to mention, some of the beautiful architecture that I can see and experience.

Blue skies in Melbourne city

Interior of Federation Square
Interior of Federation Square

Flinders Station
Flinders Station...

St Paul, Melbourne
St. Paul's

Melbourne Uni Buildings
An old building in Melbourne Uni
Beautiful aye?

Well, more coming soon... Just wait for it.. It is a new adventure in a very new place. New cultures and new experiences and of course, more pictures to come in the future. I don't have a DSLR so I rely on my trusty compact for my time here. Look out for more updates.

All the way from Melbourne,


Bentuckee said...

Hey.. good to see ur updates finally!

Twin XL said...

I've never left the States for educational purposes - would be so exciting :)