Friday, April 23, 2010

Lest We Forget!

The title is the slogan written on the Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne. To remember all the war heroes in the bloody 20th century. Like I said in my previous post. I was meant to visit the Royal Melbourne Botanical Gardens but ended up at the Shrine instead. Standing in there, I got to think of what useless thing war is. All the life sacrificed in order to get freedom. And what exactly is that freedom. This Sunday will be ANZAC day. An Australian holiday to remember those who fought in the wars, the military men, the brave young men and women who fought for not just the freedom and peace of Australia but in other cold and bloody wars and that included Freedom in Malaysia (and by the looks of it, their sacrifices are in vain-with all the political and racial issue that is). Architecture wise, the Shrine of Remembrance is a remarkable building. With the different styles of monuments signifying the different wars which were fought, it is indeed a sight to behold. It was a beautiful day out and here are the pictures.

Shrine of remembrance
Shrine of Remembrance
The Shrine of Remembrance.

Lest we Forget
Written on one of the wall of remembrance.

Memorial for those who fought for freedom
Tower of Asia.. Or as I see it.

Castle in the sky
Can anyone tell me what is this building called? I somehow didn't get to find out.

Melbourne Sky
Views from the Royal Melbourne Botanical Garden.

A pocket of yellow
Lonely flower
Peach Rose
Pink Rose
Last flowers before the coming of Winter.

I realise... Sometimes to get inspiration, you just have to go out and with your artificial eyes (the camera), you can enjoy your surroundings and when you enjoy yourself, you mind will be calm and then the design ideas will just flow. ANZAC DAY! 6 am events... I am game... Who else is? Starting to enjoy Melbourne in a deeper sense.... Yawns...


Twin XL said...

Love the pics - thanks for sharing :)

Aaron C. said...

Hi twin XL, may i know who you are? Thanks for the comments.

lilian said...

ahhh the shrine of remebrance our history unit has a debate on it regarding the new extension by ARM ahha. apparently to some they say it contradicts with the original idea of the shrine and blahblahblah. u're so lucky being able to look at it urself :) wish im there haha

Aaron C. said...

Come to Melbourne and I will bring u la. NO problem.

tintin said...

awesomeee pictures there! love em!