Sunday, April 18, 2010

Looking for inspiration....

This is a bad week! I have just 1 week to design a whole building with all its spaces and functions. The Design "dry" spell was so severe that I decided to take a day off on Saturday and made my way to the Royal Botanical Gardens of Melbourne to look for inspiration and surprisingly, it wasn't the gardens that gave me inspiration but the city in the sunset and the Memorial Shrine which struck my design senses. But more of that when I am free. Plenty of pictures to share but here is a few for you to savour before I find the time to update this blog.
Greater love hath no man
In the shrine
Autumn Leaves
Rose in Fall
Melbourne Sunset
Well, back to work first. DO look out for the next post... Can't wait for the long weekend to come.

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Twin XL said...

Oh gosh, good luck with getting everything accomplished :)