Friday, June 11, 2010

A New Layout

I can't believe that half of 2010 has past.  Its surprising that seasons changes faster here in Melbourne.  Unlike being in Malaysia where there is only 1 season.  But I do miss the warmth.  Somehow.... (going to regret saying this when I go back)  Today, the max temperature is 9 degrees.  So yes, its cold!  The thing to keep me cheerful during this season is photography.  And my favourite spot in Melbourne is the Memorial Shrine.  Anyone have other suggestions to where I can go visit in Melbourne?  Which uses the less $$? LOL... Anyway, can't wait for the month long winter break.  Going to hibernate and rejuvenate.... And hopefully, reshape. LOL!!  Exams in a few days time. Whew!  Gotta study hard!
Memorial shrine pano


XL Twin said...

Funny, I always think of Melbourne as being sunny & warm...hang in there :)

Dorm Bedding said...

Love that pic....the sky looks amazing!