Friday, June 11, 2010

What the Cold brings....

The cold has taught me one thing.  And that thing is to never complain that the weather is hot and maybe in the future to never complain that it is cold. If you ask me now if I miss home, I will tell you: "YES! I MISS HOME!!" I miss home because I miss heat. Imagine being in a fridge the whole day and you won't be able to get out for the next 3 months and it only gets colder day by day.  But the good thing is, you get to enjoy hot drinks like hot chocolate or a hot cup of Chocolate Irish-Cream Mocha and you really appreciate it.  It tastes better during the cold.  Some free time before I start my revision for my first exam here in Melbourne, so I looked back to some old pictures from my college years.  One thing for sure, I have stopped (for the time being) from asking myself why am I doing architecture and why I want to become an architect.  I realised that the reason most of us do it because of passion.  Trust me, if there is no passion, you won't make yourself suffer for more than 4 years in Uni then your lifetime as an architect when you graduate.

My reasons into why I think I am in architecture:
1. We are given/shown the world.

Holding the sun
And instead of just appreciating and live in it, we want to contribute to it.  We want to create something more meaningful and beautiful to contribute to society.  They say architects are gods, I say bulls**t.

On the edge
We are merely imitators of what God already created and we gain inspiration from the nature around us.  We grasp it and we try to understand it and then we create the buildings people live in.  You say you don't need architects because engineers can also design, I say, if you like living in a box, good on ya!

 2. Because we are not into saving lives.
But we are interested in letting people begin new lives. Architecture does not only concern the aesthetics of the external but also the internal.  We all need a place to live, to find shelter and to start a family.  Don't tell me you want to start a family on an open field.

We do not just design boxes, if we do design boxes, we design it with style and with thoughtfulness. Of how it fits with the character of those who dwell or work there.  We are not doctors, but we are also concerned on how people live and how our designs will affect them.

3. Its a journey.
No one ever says the road to a career is easy.  So why is architecture any different?  We get to see the world through books and through travelling to places.  Architecture has shown me that the world is so big and tell me how much I haven't seen.  Its not about the money, I would rather be working on site than in a big stuffy office.  I rather be free than being in a cage with four walls.

Architecture is an unending journey in life.  Some architects even work and enjoying their work till their death.  Their dedication like no other.  These are the men I admire.  They been through up and down but they died being remembered till centuries later.  Their works became inspirations to young designers like me.  Their works lives centuries after centuries.

But with all that, I love what I am doing because I have the passion in what I am doing.  Its not always about fame, fortune and riches.  Heck! Its not about any of those.  Its about realising your dreams, your happiness and you life's work.  I like this quote by Mother Theresa:
Now, time to stop questioning why you are in your course, but be glad you are in it and make the best out of it.  Don't blame your parents, don't blame society... Just have passion and you can make it some day.


XL Twin said...

Oh, I cannot STAND the happy it's almost summer here in the States :)

Aaron C. said...

XL, you are from the states? COol! Which Part?

Twin XL said...

I am from the States...Cincinnati, Ohio area....about to move to Kentucky. Love your blog :)

Aaron C. said...

Oh cool! My first U.S. Reader that I know of. LOL. Thanks! Hope to get to know ya and your country more too

Dorm Comforter said...

Really love these images :)