Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One month worth of post

Sorry for being gone for so long, been busy with assignments and studio that I almost forgotten that I got a blog. Oops.. Well, I do have a lot to write and many pictures to show.  So please don't mind the many many pictures I took.  May was an interesting month.  First, its almost the end of fall, then its like rushing assignments time, then lastly mum's and grandmum's visit to Melbourne for my cousin's graduation.  Even though I was in the midst of assignments and all, I still visited mum and followed my relatives to places in Melbourne which I haven't visited since I came to Melbourne.  Got quite a few good pictures to share.  Some might make you drool though. LOL!
Autumn is almost over. One of the most beautiful season of the year ever.  Well, it's because the leaves are all changing colour and changing for the season.

But somehow, there are still many beautiful flowers around.
Grandmum's favourite things to do any time and anywhere she travels is looking at flowers.  And thank goodness there are still many lovely nurseries with beautiful flowers around for her to enjoy.

Flowers of autumn....

Apple Tree
Apple Tree!

Surprisingly, the roses is the most beautiful during autumn. The colour and the smell... Mmmm~
Red Rose
Blooming rose
Pink ROse
From reds, pink and....

Lovely Yellow Rose
My favourite yellow roses.

The thing about trips is that we usually will go look for food.  And in my mum's case, it's deserts.  So when I followed them to Mount Dandenong, we went to Miss Marple's for their homemade scones and jam. YUM YUM!
Miss Marple
Presumably, this is the original Miss Marple.

Miss Marples!
The menu....

Chocolate FUDGE!! YUMMY!
We ordered scones with jam, and a hot fudge for our afternoon tea.  Not to forget the yummy coffee I had.

Oh yea... Don't forget to head down to  Healesville Sanctuary if you love cuddly animals like the Koala. 
Now I know where they got the idea for Stitch..

I love this shot... Look closely and you can see the Koala sticking it's tongue at me.

Cuddly Koala
Tried the National Geography Style but.... Nahhh....



Hawk at work!

Sad eyes
Can someone give me an awwww? LOL..... Cute eyes..

But the best experience I had for May was not the flowers or animals but it was the first time I tried Teppanyaki at Kokos at the Crown Casino for my cousin's graduation dinner.  The food was so so but the experience was nice.  So cool to have someone cooking in front of your eyes and the experiencing the heat. 

Started off with cooling seaweed appetizer. 

Hot tea
And to accommodate the dishes is a tasty cup of green tea.  I love their green tea because it has sort of a burnt smell in it.  Anyone in Melbourne know where to get it?

Mummy dearest
Dearest mum... Oh yea, she came for Mothers' day... So nice... It has been a few years since I celebrated this day with her.
Quick cook
Chef at work... Fast hands and hot table...
Many new to digest huh?  Well, sorry if there is not much story behind it.  Just not in the mood to type.  I just finished my studio so yea.  Hoping to show you all my work once I am done and you can give your very honest comments.  Well, till the next post (hopefully not in a month time), hope you enjoy the pictures.  This is my experiences in Melbourne...

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Twin XL said...

We missed you! Love, love, LOVE the photos of the flowers & animals :)