Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Silent Protest in Melbourne

When you think the world is chaotic back in September 11, 2001, let me tell you the world has escalated into a stage where chaotic is not the word to describe it but inhumane.  This is not the first time I seen a protest in Melbourne but well, when I saw what they were protesting about and the reasons behind it, my heart churned and my mind just went blank. Well, if you are wondering what I am talking about, you can just check it out on http://edition.cnn.com/2010/WORLD/meast/05/31/gaza.protest/index.html.  I can't judge to say who is right or wrong but this is what I think: War is never the answer.  It just hurts families and destroys things people love.  Here are some of the scenes I saw today:
SIlent demonstration in Melbourne 6

SIlent demonstration in Melbourne 7
NO one is to be blamed. Everyone should be ashamed...

The finding of this protest was kind of accidental.  Was taking the tram back home after celebrating Shi Qi's birthday and stumbled upon it with Way Wen and Daniel.  We decided to stay around to "experience" the situation.  Well, sorry for being so "Suaku" but you wont see these kind of freedom of speech or expression in Malaysia.

SIlent demonstration in Melbourne 5
Daniel with his pro camera, like a journalist....

SIlent demonstration in Melbourne 1
SIlent demonstration in Melbourne 3
SIlent demonstration in Melbourne 8

DSCF8916SIlent demonstration in Melbourne 4
Save the world.. Free us all...

SIlent demonstration in Melbourne 2
Enough of the terrorism jokes... The whole world, every government is acting like one.  Sending terror to other nations. It's so wrong!

It's time to pray for the nations.  Humanity is at stake.  People killing people out of greed, out of feuds. Like what Black Eye Peas sang before:
Where is the Love?

p.s.: I don't know it if got noisy because before anything unhappy happened, we left. For our own safety.


sabree hussin said...

israel will never stop hurting muslim until all the muslim follow their path

that it is what is written in the holly quran

Aaron C. said...

Well, for me, I believe its not about religion but the greed of Humans. Written or unwritten, so long as there is greed, there is war. Not to forget the attack on the World trade centre and on many churches. Its not about the religion. Its about the people.
*Its not Israel will never stop hurting the muslims but the Palestinians. Its vise versa. We have to look at it both ways and not be biased.

Hope it doesn't offend you in any way. War is just not the way.

Twin XL said...

This is totally disheartening.....can't agree with you more.

Aaron C. said...

*Its not Israel will never stop hurting the muslims but the Palestinians. Its also* vise versa. We have to look at it both ways and not be biased.