Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Melbourne Zoo...8/7

These posts in Melbourne would NOT be in sequence because well, I am just too lazy to do so. LOL... But no worries, I did record the date each place I visited in Melbourne.  First off, the zoo is not my "ideal" place to visit but after visiting the Melbourne's Zoo at Parkville, I beg to differ. It was a cold-sunny-winter morning and I promised my dear I will bring her to see Koalas and Kangaroos and the closest sanctuary for these critters is at the city zoo.  We made our way there with my bag filled with cookies (tim-tams) and home-made beef steak sandwiches and when you think not many people will visit the zoo on a weekday, well, you will be dead wrong. It was packed with screaming and excited children and some loud animals (literally. Not referring to any humans.) Thanks to Eddie, I managed to get 2 tickets for the price of one. Seriously, it was a beautiful morning.

The first animal we visited was the Gorilla and his family. And let me tell you, this is the first time I seen animals in zoos so HEALTHY! You can compare this post with the one I did on the Malaysian Zoo (Zoo Negara). My favourite animal of the trip was this guy..


Know why?
Because he is so poised and according to his chart, very GENTLEMAN..

Pygmy Hippo
The smallest Hippo I ever seen.  Surprisingly, there weren't any big ones.

I am king
Baboon.. or a.k.a. Mandrill... The Dominant male has a very colourful ass (literally) but I didn't manage to get a picture of it.

Red panda
And the cutest of them all. The Red Panda.

It was too busy eating to be bothered.

Double trouble Otters

Was suppose to get a picture of the famous new baby aussie elephant, but it was too shy so I only managed to take pictures of only one big elephant.  Well, its not like I never seen an elephant before.

This little critter was so cute.  It was walking back and forth like a supermodel on a runway sniffing who  knows what but thankfully, managed to get a nice shot of this spiky Echidna (Thanks Benny).

Sleepy Koalsa
And of all the animals, the star symbol of the land down under decided to nap that day.  But it still looks cute, none-the-less.

Sleepy Lion
Bah... The lions were sleeping too. Must be the cold weather.... Grrr... Dang you winter.

Follow Mummy pig
And this picture made me miss home. Imagine barbecuing one of these. MMmmmm~ Roasted wild boar...

Dragons of the present
Dragons of the present
Lizards and reptiles anyone?

What you looking at?

Cute little seal... Awwww....

Mosaic Butterfly
Laying eggs
Orange and yellow
Butterflies... I love and hate the space for the butterflies. Why? Because they turned the temperature up to the high 30's and I was wearing long sleeve and a thick jacket. I miss heat, but not that high please.

Oh yea... Can you guess?
Is this animal real or fake?  Try to guess...

Thats all the pictures I have. There are many more at Melbourne zoo. Its just that some pictures didn't turn out nicely.  But trust me, its worth the trip to the zoo.  You will be amazed how pampered these animals are and how well they are being taken of.  

Time to continue with my holidays... SLEEP!

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