Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lomography and the sudden love for it..

I know I should write more or update more but the lack of inspiration in both my design ideas and blog postings is killing me.  And when you think all hope is lost (due to the fact my compact camera battery always die on me when I need it the most), I got myself a mini-lomo camera and started going out to the streets of Melbourne cit to bring you my version of lomography.  One thing you might want to know about this style of photography is that, it is not supposed to be clear, the colours can be odd and finally, I never know what I take till I upload it online. So, its more of an art than "Pro" photography. These are my first series and there will be more to come. Enjoy.

By the way, Spring is here.

Lot 6
Lot 6 at Melbourne University.

Melbourne City streets
City Streets. (spot Darren)

I hold time
Tiffanys', every woman's desire, every man's nightmare. *look at the statue. It means it will take ages to earn the money just to buy one.*

Old archi
Old facades of Melbourne city. So beautiful.

Lomo-ed polaroids
Somehow, me and my friends are going old-school or "art-school" that they are ignoring their DSLRs.

I realized that the colours may be off but it creates a very interesting feel, though mummy beg to differ. But in all ways, sometimes my mind works so differently that those who are close to me just don't get me anymore. This is the effect of entering a course which literally tests and push you forward and changes your mindsets all the time.

Being in Melbourne for almost 8 months, I have to say, I am somehow falling for the city but in a way, still unable to catch on with its cultures.  But I admit, its a beautiful city to be in, especially with all the old Victorian style architecture. Every country has its own beauty. The chaotic KL can be wonderful when you are new to the place.
But who knows, I might be saying this about Melbourne in a couple of years being here.

Time will tell.

Unless it crushes me to the ground first.

Who knows, I might love it here till I want to leave an imprint of myself before I go back to Malaysia. Or should I forget my home country and stay here? My future, what do you behold for me?

In the end, the future is not for me to know and to slowly find out. So.... For the mean time....

I shall get use to the coffee culture,

And the sweet delights this city can give me.



WenHarn said...

hey Aaron! I like your new style! haha~ The mountain of macaroons remind me of that elimination round in Masterchef~

Aaron C. said...

Lol. Thanks Wern Harn. Macaroons are delicious man... But expensive too. 1 for freaking 2.50 aud. Sigh, better find work to enjoy life here.

ken said...

all so yellowish.. did you edit them? =)

Dan said...

not's straight out from the camera

a.chew: why no blue colour pics??? hahahahaha

Aaron C. said...

Blue colour, Next time lo... Yellow series first. LOL.

Ken, these are not edited at all. Its called lomography, its part of the function of a lomo camera.